LED Lights Contain No Mercury

LED Lights Contain No Mercury

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 9th 2011

This is the sixth entry in a series about ergonomic LED lighting.

LED lights are far more cost and energy-efficient when compared to fluorescent lights, and they provide the best lighting output available. But those aren’t the only reasons LEDs are popular among energy and environmentally conscious consumers. Unlike compact fluorescent lights, LEDs don’t contain mercury, helping to cut the rate of dangerous mercury absorption into the environment.

LED lights contain no mercury, period, making LEDs the safest lighting solution for any home, office, or workspace. The dangers of mercury content in CFL bulbs cannot be overstated – exposure to the mercury neurotoxin used in CFL lights is highly toxic to humans, and it’s especially harmful to the brains of children and unborn babies, according to Scientific American.

It’s not easy to avoid mercury contamination, since CFL bulbs break all the time. When a CFL bulb breaks, mercury vapor is released, and it can be inhaled by anyone in a close proximity to the broken bulb.

The best way to avoid harmful mercury vapor from a CFL bulb is to avoid a CFL bulb altogether and go with a strong and safe LED light.

We offer several top-of-the-line ergonomic Humanscale LED task lights, including the Horizon LED Light, the Element Vision LED Light, and the Element 790 LED light, which are all constructed from up to 81% recycled and 99% recyclable content.

This is the sixth entry in a series about ergonomic LED lights. Read the rest of the series, starting with our initial posts about LED lighting benefits and check out the rest of the series below:

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