Like a Boss: Executive Ergonomic Office Chairs

Like a Boss: Executive Ergonomic Office Chairs

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 7th 2011

You’re the boss, and for the boss, not just any chair will do. Ergonomic chair design offers users comfort and pain relief, but many ergonomic chairs simply do not convey the status of a nice big leather executive chair. Surely there must be choices that will allow you to be comfortable, but will look nicer than your administrative assistant’s task chair. Mr./Ms. Big Shot, we have what you need.

To consider chairs that are ergonomic in nature, it may be best first to look at what features an ergonomic chair must have:

  • Seat Height Adjustment
  • Lumbar Support
  • Intuitive, Easy-To-Use Controls
  • Back Rest Height Adjustment
  • Back Angle Adjustment
  • Arm Support Adjustment
  • Stable Wheel Base - minimum five spoke caster base
  • Back Tilt Tension Adjustment
  • Seat Pan Depth Adjustment - seat slide
  • Swivel Base - ability to turn while seated
  • Headrest Adjustment - if applicable
  • Encourages Posture Changes
  • Quality Casters

While executive chairs normally do have soft leather and nice cushioning, they often lack many of the features above, meaning that they cannot be sized and/or adjusted properly for many different sizes of users. This results in a chair that looks nice, but may cause discomfort unless its proportions happen to correspond with the size of the user sitting in it. Here are some chairs that offer an executive look with all the custom configurability you need to feel your best and work your hardest.

The Humanscale Freedom chair with Headrest is one of our most popular ergonomic office chairs. Its unique counterbalance recline uses the body weight of the user as resistance to allow the chair to move with you as you recline. With optional high grade leathers such as Sabrina and Volo, this chair also fits the bill aesthetically. The Steelcase Siento chair also has a back that moves with you, using its liveback technology that gives it a unique ability to conform to the shape of your back. The angular design of this chair is also a plus. One of our most striking executive office chairs, the Neutral Posture NV also includes the innovative design Neutral Posture is known for.

With executive styling and adjustment to match, you can command in style AND comfort.

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