Make the Switch: The Humanscale Switch Mouse

Make the Switch: The Humanscale Switch Mouse

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 2nd 2009

The size of many products in relation to the user’s hands has a huge impact on how suitable the products are for individuals. Musical instruments will not work for players whose hands are too small to reach all the keys. Football players must have large enough hands to grip the ball. Tiny cellular phone buttons are a constant bother to users with large fingers. Mice present similar problems if not properly sized for their users.

Because many people work at a computer for many hours every week, the tools they work with in that setting must be comfortable to use or they can cause long-lasting discomfort. One of the chief issues affecting some users is the size of their mouse. Traditionally marketed as a one-size-fit-all product, the average mouse may not work very well for users with very small or very large hands. Small-handed people have trouble reaching the mouse buttons and large-handed ones must curl their hand into an awkward position to grip the mouse. Even individuals in the middle of those two extremes may find that their mouse is not perfectly tailored to their hand size. The Humanscale Switch Mouse offers a unique solution to this problem.

The Humanscale Switch Mouse is length-adjustable to provide a perfect fit. Users can expand or contract the mouse’s middle section, positioning their fingers the perfect distance from where the palm naturally rests on the contours of the mouse. This eliminates stress on many of the small muscles and joints of the hand and wrist that can lead to lasting pain if not positioned properly during the workday. The Switch Mouse has several other notable ergonomic features as well.

Traditional mice that lie flat on a desk can cause users to twist their forearms at an unnatural angle, causing strain. Many ergonomic mice combat this by positioning the grip at a higher angle. A large number of users (including some in our office) favor the completely vertical “handshake” grip of the Evoluent VM3 mouse. For some, however, that is too steep of an angle. Those users will like the Switch mouse’s 45° grip angle which compromises between the two extremes. It has a keel-shaped bottom, so the mouse can be positioned for either right- or left-handed use. It also has a four-directional scroll button instead of a wheel to eliminate repetitive stress. Overall, the Humanscale Switch Mouse is a great choice for users looking for comfort.

In conclusion, the Switch Mouse has adjustable length to accommodate a greater variety of hand sizes than most mice, and it sits at a 45° angle that eliminates stress caused by forearm twisting. Additionally, this ergonomic mouse is ambidextrous and features a unique four-direction scroll button. The combination of these design features make the Humanscale Switch Mouse one worth considering.

To maximize comfort and productivity, The Human Solution also recommends items that help users stay within their neutral reach zone while working, such as articulating keyboard trays, adjustable keyboards, and monitor arms.

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