Mounting Non-VESA Monitors on a Monitor Arm? You Need the ESI ENCLOZE

Mounting Non-VESA Monitors on a Monitor Arm? You Need the ESI ENCLOZE

Posted by Human Solution on Aug 23rd 2013

A popular ergonomic accessory here at Human Solution is the ergonomic monitor arm, especially fingertip-adjustable models designed for easy adjustment by hand that provide improved viewing angles on the fly.

While a number of modern monitors are designed to be fully compatible with ergonomic monitor arms, some older displays and newer all-in-one PCs will lack the VESA-compatible bolt hole pattern on the back of the monitor that's required to attach them to most monitor arms. Customers frequently share makeshift solutions with us in the absence of a proper mounting solution for these kinds of monitors, but they always lack the stability and convenience of being mounted to a true ergonomic monitor arm.

Luckily, ESI Ergonomics has created a great solution that will allow non-VESA-compatible monitors to be fitted to any VESA-compatible monitor arm. The ESI ENCLOZE is a unique three-point bracket that adjusts to and mounts to the back of most monitors that are 18.5" - 22.4" wide and 11" - 14.5" tall, and up to 1" wide.

The bracket supports monitors up to 14 lbs, making it capable of converting nearly any monitor on the market. The bolt pattern on the mounting side of the bracket is compatible with the standard 100 mm x 100 mm mount patterns seen on the majority of ergonomic monitor arms, including our most popular options such as the Humanscale M2 and Innovative EVO II arms.

For those still on the fence, it's important to understand the value of moving your monitor onto a monitor arm. While non-VESA displays include their own stands, they frequently have fixed heights or angles that make them less than ideal for extended use. All-in-one PCs, which integrate the computer's main components into the display rather than on a separate "tower," are especially likely to have a fixed stand. By adding an ergonomic monitor arm, not only will you be able to position your display at a height and angle that minimizes neck strain, you'll also free up valuable desk space and minimize cord clutter thanks to the integrated cable organization systems included on most arms.

If you've been considering upgrading to an ergonomic monitor arm but haven't been able to due to a lack of compatibility, now is the time.

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