Need Dual Pivot? Look No Further Than Knoll Keyboard Platforms

Need Dual Pivot? Look No Further Than Knoll Keyboard Platforms

Posted by Will M on Jun 3rd 2014

While most of the keyboard trays we carry here at Human Solution come with a wide range of adjustment, including height and tilt adjustment and 360 degrees of rotation at the mechanism, sometimes you need a little more. The rotation on most keyboard trays is good for rotating your keyboard slightly to the left or right for dual monitors, but wouldn’t it be great if there were two pivot points on a keyboard tray – one at the mechanism, and one at the platform – so that you could keep the tray parallel to your desktop when rotating the arm?

I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t the NBA, where you can pivot in two places with no repercussions. This is ergonomics; there are rules! Well, Knoll doesn’t care about your rules. If it’s dual pivot you’re looking for, Knoll has you covered. All Knoll keyboard platforms include this option for a second pivot point.

Dual pivot gives you the freedom to pivot the platform separate from the arm and is available on every Knoll keyboard platform we carry. If you need a sturdy tray with a separate swiveling mouse platform, there’s the Romeo + Juliet or the more compact and light Act II. If you want one large surface for both your keyboard and mouse, try the Prospero or the Act I.

In addition to this unique feature, Knoll keyboard platforms are also great for ambidextrous mousing, which we recommend to combat or prevent repetitive stress injury. Whether it’s a swiveling mouse pad that can mount to either side like the Romeo + Juliet platform or the dual cable management loops of the Prospero platform, Knoll clearly likes to encourage switching your mouse hand as much as we do.

Of course, if there are any other features you need on a keyboard tray, we probably have a solution for you. Call or live chat with one of our experts – it’s probably a feature that’s been requested before, and we should have something that will work for you.

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