New Study Underscores Sit-Stand Benefits

New Study Underscores Sit-Stand Benefits

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 9th 2015

New academic research released by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that, yes, Americans who burn calories while at work by standing or moving for one hour are far more likely to escape the premature grip of the Grim Reaper than their sit-in-their-chairs-all day counterparts. Indeed, those who sit more than 80% of their workday area at increased risk of high blood pressure, obesity, depression, diabetes, and cancer. The researchers also suggest a connection between obesity and low metabolic health with workers who never stand up to burn a single calorie. But fear not. You are not one of these people. Whether you're a new or repeat customer, chances are you're already on the right path.

Ergonomics as a discipline has featured workplace solutions since Hippocrates gave a surgeon advice on arranging his tools.

That was 2,500 years ago. In today's world, ergonomics is one of many elements turning our offices and homes into spaces inhabited by a healthier generation of workers, ones who exhibit more creativity and innovation than ever. “The key is breaking up your activity throughout the day,” Alan Hedge recently told The Wall Street Journal. A professor of ergonomics at Cornell University, Mr. Hedge prescribes an obesity-eradicating workplace formula that looks something this: Employees sit for 20 minutes, stand for eight, and then move around for two more minutes. This type of regimen is expected to become more commonplace; we are working toward a smarter, healthier, and more agile workforce.

With Millennials entering the workforce en masse, and determined to bring with them a smarter way of producing at a higher clip than their analog counterparts, office decision-makers across the nation are taking to heart new wellness policies. This is all happening as aging Baby Boomers are leaving in record numbers, with Generation X primed to take over senior leadership positions. This transition, in conjunction with the numerous studies demonstrating the inarguable benefits of using a height-adjustable desk, is likely to lead to continued interest in providing employees with healthy, productive work environments. We're here to help.

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