No Matter Who You Are, Wherever You Are ... Stay Active!

No Matter Who You Are, Wherever You Are ... Stay Active!

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 23rd 2013

We have written about some of the benefits of a treadmill desk not only in the office, but outside of your office as well. One of the pleasant surprises we have found is that walking while you work helps recovery time from workouts. One active blogger (both in her online presence and fitness prowess) has come to the same conclusion.

While she is an active runner and dedicates much of her time to exercise during the week, health blogger Miss Zippy understands that even someone who runs and works out every day can still fall prey to the health dangers of sitting. She is absolutely correct on placing so much value on staying active throughout the day while working. This is still just as true for someone as active as Miss Zippy as it is for your average office worker.

On average, she may run in the ballpark of 40-50 miles per week, while getting in a bit of swimming, cycling, walking the dog and walking with her daughter to/from school most days. "That’s seemingly quite a bit of movement,” she writes. And to that I say: Yes. Yes it is.

In a recent blog post, Miss Zippy has caught on to how the rest of us try to stay as active as she does: A treadmill desk.

Here at Human Solution office, we have all been outfitted with height adjustable treadmill desks to stay active during the day. In fact, in the last few months since we’ve all been using them, the content team just can’t stop raving about them. Just take a look through our latest blog posts and you’ll see.

Outside of those of us working for an ergonomic office furniture company, more and more people like fellow blogger Miss Zippy are starting to catch on. Treadmill desks are just as popular among workout fiends as those that are just looking to add a simple exercise regimen to their day at the office to combat the health risks of sitting all day long.

Just because you don’t work from home, doesn’t mean you don’t work at home. There’s no reason to stop moving! Here's some more food for thought:

We all recently finished (at some point) filing our taxes for the previous year, right? You could’ve spent all that time walking on your treadmill, burning calories along with all those frustrations. For those who don’t have outdoor malls or outlet malls like the many we have here in Texas, you can still even get that good old fashioned shopping power-walk workout while shopping online at home. I know that I personally spend, and I’ll just put it this way, a “good amount of time” researching and tweaking my fantasy sports teams online each evening. I guarantee I could walk several miles while researching stats.

Speaking of stats, the LifeSpan desk treadmills that we offer give you all the stats you need to stay motivated: Time, steps taken, distance covered and calories burned. There is even a handy Bluetooth program that can keep track of your workouts on your computer. Take it a “step” further like our office and you can join a group and keep track of your progress together. That is motivation, my friends.

In today’s busy world, the work you do is not limited to the office. Most of the work we do and even our leisure time is spent in front of a computer screen. No more just simply whistling while you work. No matter who we are or how fit we are or aren't, we need to walk while we work.

What else do you do at home on your computer that you could be doing while keeping active on a treadmill desk? Tell us in the comments!

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