One-Up A Standing Desk With an UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk!

One-Up A Standing Desk With an UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk!

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 21st 2014

Having studied Computer Science for a brief portion of my college career (I switched majors two semesters in; I just couldn't hack it), xkcd has long been one of my favorite webcomics. The concepts might not always be simple and the art is minimalistic, but it tends to brighten my day even when the joke takes me a while to figure out. Nonetheless, it took me by surprise when xkcd took on the standing desk.

The joke, of course, is that as ergonomics studies increasingly point out that humans weren't meant to sit all day, our pursuit of more natural postures and working positions might eventually cross over into the absurd. Standing desks are a bit odd, but what's the next great office invention after that? Ancient humans spent plenty of time hunting game, so chasing a deer desk around like your ancestors did (sans laptop) is surely the next big thing, right?

Luckily for those who don't have a way to properly store a deer desk, one-upping the standing desk people can be done without much effort by simply moving to a sit-stand desk, or even a sit-stand treadmill desk. The UPLIFT 900 Sit-Stand Desk takes the standing desk concept and adds a much-needed degree of flexibility. By utilizing two high-powered motors and a digital memory control panel, the UPLIFT 900 can quickly move between sitting and standing positions with the push of a button.

While standing at work is certainly a good habit to get into, it works best when applied in moderation. Switching between sitting and standing creates an optimal mix of postures that minimizes the risk of health issues associated with doing either all day long. We recommend standing for 15 minutes every hour, and the UPLIFT 900 makes it convenient to do so without the hassle of a crank or set screws. If you already have a desktop you love, such as one upholstered in deerskin for a more natural feel, we also offer our UPLIFT 900 desks in a height-adjustable base-only configuration.

If you're still wanting to get a bit more activity in your workday but your boss isn't willing to put in a requisition form for a forest office to go with it, the UPLIFT LifeSpan Treadmill Desk is the next best thing. UPLIFT treadmill desks include the same sturdy, easy-to-use UPLIFT 900 desk that was previously mentioned, but also adds a LifeSpan TR800, TR1200, or TR5000 desk treadmill to the mix. These quiet, durable treadmills feature excellent shock absorption and heavy-duty motors designed for anywhere between 3 hours (TR800) to 10 hours (TR5000) of continuous use. The treadmill's maximum speed of 4.0 mph also helps to keep you from going so fast that your productivity suffers - we recommend a speed between 1.0 - 2.0 mph for the office. A desktop console helps you keep track of how far you've walked while working/talking/chasing an imaginary deer, and can even upload session data to the LifeSpan Fitness Club application to help you track your workout progress.

The workplace might not be ready for the deer desk quite yet, but the good news is that it's not necessary in the era of sit-stand desks and treadmill desks. With the UPLIFT 900 series sit-stand desks and UPLIFT LifeSpan treadmill desks, you can add a bit of natural motion to your day without the risk of getting kicked in the shins while hammering out an e-mail to corporate.

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