Portable Ergonomic Laptop Workstation Accessories Part 3

Portable Ergonomic Laptop Workstation Accessories Part 3

Posted by Professor Ergo on Jul 30th 2009

Incorporating a notebook stand with a great travel bag, keyboard and mouse is essential. Our ergonomist insists on a good backpack or wheeled bag like the Codi CT3 so you don’t hurt your back or shoulders carrying all this stuff around.

It’s important to note that the stands place a keyboard at a very awkward angle for typing. We don’t recommend typing on a steep angle because it forces your hands upwards, causing all sorts of ergonomic problems. It’s best to get an external keyboard and carry it with you. The two travel keyboards I like are the Goldtouch Go and theDuraflex flexible keyboard. The Go is more ergonomic and offers more features, but the Duraflex rolls up for storage and is basically indestructible. Both products have unique advantages, so check them out to see which one will work best for you.

If you’re constantly working on a laptop, do yourself a favor and get a good mouse that you keep with it. I recommend a wireless mouse for versatility and ease of use. We have the Kensington Slimblade 72282 media mouse that works great on the road and during presentations in your hand or on a work surface. A wired mouse is fine; I just prefer a little more freedom because I like to sit back and mouse on my lap from time to time. The Contour Free is a great mousing alternative, and everyone knows how much we love the Evoluent vertical mouse here… mostly, I just want to stress that you should avoid using a track pad.

With all the right gadgets you can pull a portable laptop workstation together at a low cost, preventing any short or long-term damage while being more productive. It’s totally worth it.

This is part 3 of a 3-part series; go back to part 1.

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