Quick Fixes for Painful Problems: Three Simple Ergonomic Upgrades to Spruce Up Your Day

Quick Fixes for Painful Problems: Three Simple Ergonomic Upgrades to Spruce Up Your Day

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 20th 2012

As often as we encourage an active workday to counteract the very real damage sitting can do to your body (which may be happening right now, worsening! with! each! passing! word!), the day’s unpredictable havoc can limit your ability to take these standing or walking breaks. While these suggestions should not serve as a replacement for the recommended breaks from the physiological changes that sitting is known to cause, there are some simple ergonomic changes that can reshape the way you interact with your workspace to improve your quality of life one day at a time.

One such change is using a wireless headset, like the Plantronics CS530 Wireless Headset, which is the perfect solution to the damaging habit of sandwiching your phone receiver between your shoulder and ear. While on the phone, most of us type on the computer, jot down notes, or otherwise absentmindedly occupy our hands’ time with something other than idle listening.

Days are busy and things need to be done, after all. But, continue talking on the phone like this and expect a dose of neck, back, and/or shoulder pain served chilled with a pinch(ed nerve) of regret. You may even be feeling it already, especially if you're doing this sort of thing right now. Avoid all of this --the pain, the fumbling, the awkward posture -- with a Plantronics headset that prevents all of this in the first place by freeing you to walk about your office for that much needed physical activity.

We answer a considerable number of questions about computing-related pain, which leads most to turn to our wide selection of ergonomic mice and ergonomic keyboards. While an ergonomic keyboard and ergonomic mouse can help assuage most strain related to computing, they will not be nearly as effective if they’re not set at the right height for you. In fact, computing at the wrong height is the most common cause of computer-related strain, including pain throughout your back, shoulders and arms. What, then, is proper ergonomic etiquette? A keyboard tray, such as the Humanscale 900 or Humanscale 500, offers up the ideal ergonomic place setting with a plethora of adjustments to keep you comfortable throughout the entire day. You're afforded height, swivel, and negative tilt adjustments and can add an optional wrist rest and a lateral slider for a very malleable and dependable solution to common computing pain. You'll be so comfortable you'll forget you're even using a keyboard tray!

Lastly we must address the cornerstone of most any office, the computer — be it a desktop, laptop, or tablet. It's difficult to avoid the imminent physical fatigue that comes as a result of prolonged use of these devices. Monitor arms and laptop/tablet stands are a superb way to grant a considerable amount of movement in addition to freeing up valuable desk space. Monitor arms for LCD displays, like the Humanscale M8, offer excellent adjustability with a gorgeous look to match almost any workspace. Another, the new Humanscale MFlex Monitor Arm, can be changed at a later date to include up to twelve monitors for those whose success is currently in bloom. Proper monitor placement can prevent eye strain, neck craning, poor posture and, by raising it off the desk, grants you a clutter-free work environment as well.

For laptops and tablets, the compact Cricket Laptop Stand and Goldtouch Go! Laptop Stand are smart ergonomic solutions to raise your laptop or tablet's display area and, in turn, open up your body to a more natural, less strain-inducing posture. Most tablet and laptops bring your body into their small space, bowing your spine and neck like a C over the display. Our compact stands are not only great travel accessories, but they allow you to take your ergonomics on the go!

Most people don’t see the need for ergonomics until it’s too late, but like all good things, sometimes you don’t know what you have until it requires a visit to the doctor. So one-up those folk who chomp down their daily apple as an offering to the health gods with simple changes to your workspace with these smart ergonomic products. Still unsure? Drop in on live chat or give us a call at (800) 531-3746 for expert advice.

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