Reasons Employers Should Listen When Workers Ask for Ergonomic Products

Reasons Employers Should Listen When Workers Ask for Ergonomic Products

Posted by Human Solution on May 7th 2015

In our showroom in Austin, TX, we frequently talk to people who would love to purchase a height adjustable desk, ergonomic office chair, or ergonomic computer accessories. They can clearly see how the benefits of these products have a direct correlation to their health, focus, and quality of work. Many of them have repetitive stress injuries: pain in their wrists, neck, and back. Our customers see how ergonomic products can free them from their pain and help them work more productively. And yet, unfortunately, many of these people are unable to purchase the products that would solve their work related health problems, because their workplace will not sponsor these purchases, or they do not allow an employee to bring in their own equipment and change their existing set-up.

It is understandable that a company or small business might not have the funds to buy all their employees new workstations. And some places are entrenched in how they do things, so they might be uncomfortable with allowing individuals bring in their own furniture. At first glance, it might be an unwarranted hassle to have furniture moving around, or it may create awkwardness to have one employee standing at their desks while everyone else sits. But the reality is that ergonomic office furniture directly benefits end users' productivity, happiness, and health. These factors affect how long a person stays with a company, and how productive they are able to be.

For anyone looking to pitch to their workplace, here are some points that might be helpful to highlight:

  • Providing a comfortable, adjustable atmosphere at work is a way to focus on sustainability instead of short term solutions
  • The cost or inconvenience of preventative measures is usually less than the cost of turn over or major health problems
  • Employers that offer ergonomic work environments are more competitive to quality prospective employees
  • Ergonomic work environments are an appreciated benefit and create loyalty among workers
  • If an employee is comfortable and able to adjust their workspace to their particular body and preferences, they are likely to stay focused and provide the highest level of productivity

And remember, we are your best champions! If there are any naysayers in your office, just have them call us (800.531.3746)! The benefits of our products speak for themselves, but we are happy to provide education and information on what they can do for you.

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