Thinking About Outfitting Your Entire Office with Sit-Stand Workstations?

Thinking About Outfitting Your Entire Office with Sit-Stand Workstations?

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 19th 2014

Your employees will be healthier and more productive with the UPLIFT 900. Take it from one who knows!

We regularly hear from employers who are interested in outfitting their staff with height-adjustable workstations, as they know that employees are healthier, happier, and more productive when they are able to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. At the same time, they are concerned about issues like budget and feasibility. We're here to help you determine the best, easiest, and most cost-effective way for your business to join the standing revolution.

If your main concern is cost, a good way to proceed is to start with two or three height-adjustable desks that employees can use in rotation. This will give everyone a chance to try this new way of working, and give you an opportunity to see the benefits firsthand. Our prices are unbeatable, so you know you'll always be getting the most bang for your buck. If you want to reduce costs even further, you can purchase a few frames without desktops, if any of your existing desktops can be re-purposed. If space is a consideration, the UPLIFT 975 is a great choice, also available as a frame-only.

Once you've determined that the desks or the frames alone would be a good addition to your office, you can decide whether you'd like to provide one for every employee or for a certain percentage. Some of the employers we've worked with who have wanted to outfit a specific number of employees first, rather than all at once, have gone with a few different options for allocating the desks. You can consider a lottery system if you're feeling egalitarian, or you could start with employees who have a certain level of seniority. Another option is to set aside some space for several workstations that employees can share, keeping the rotation system as described above. Some employers have used a combination of these ideas. Employers often tell us that the initial expense is more than worth the savings in health care costs and the extra productivity of happier, more comfortable employees.

You might be in a workspace that doesn't allow for replacing all or some of the desks; for instance, if you have cubicles with desk surfaces attached to walls. You still have a number of options for getting people on their feet. You might try a desktop unit like the Health Postures Task Mate, which mounts to your fixed-height work surface to provide all the benefits of a sit-stand desk. The Humanscale QuickStand is another option if you can't replace the desk itself, and is available for single and dual monitors. One thing to keep in mind with this option is that a desk frame, and even a full desk, can often be less expensive than these desktop units. We recommend the frame or full desk if you have the capability to switch out your current desks.

Some employers wonder whether they should require employees to get a doctor's note in order to qualify for a height-adjustable workstation. You can certainly require this if you like, but our advice is to not do so. If all employees are able to try out a sit-stand work area, they (and you) will quickly see how much better they feel, how much more energy they have, and how much more they can get done. The changes in comfort, satisfaction, and productivity are truly amazing, and most employers find that they do want to make this accessible to as many people as possible.

Depending on the item and quantity you're interested in, we can often provide discounts to help you get your office up and out of those chairs. Just give us a call and ask! We are happy to answer all your questions and provide expert advice on all our products.

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