So What's the Fuss? Perks of the UPLIFT 900 Standing Desk Bases

So What's the Fuss? Perks of the UPLIFT 900 Standing Desk Bases

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 26th 2013

With the saturation of standing desks entering public consciousness in recent months, I wanted to take a moment and sing the praises of our UPLIFT 900 sit-stand desk bases. I think it's easy to look at adjustable height desks and see them as all looking pretty much the same. They all seem to have a futuristic, steely design, legs that look like skis, and some kinda doo-hickey button that moves the base up and down.... But when you start to look closer at specs, details in machinery, and options that add to a desk's overall efficiency and operational safety, you can find that those details really do matter. And on top of that, price is a huge factor.

With that in mind, here are some reasons why we love the UPLIFT 900 bases, and recommend them first when asked for suggestions:

1. Stability: The UPLIFT 900 series offers an incredible weight capacity: 335 lbs for 2-leg desk bases, and 465 lbs for L-shaped desk bases. That is a substantial limit so you don't have to worry that your computer, files, cat, stereo, trophies, and whatever else you have on your desk is going to damage the motors or keep your desk from moving! Not only that, but the speed of the base's adjustments will shift to the weight that it carries. So if there is a heavier load on the desk, the base knows to slow its roll to keep everything controlled and safe. It's a very subtle, but intuitive and important detail.

2. Safety Features: The memory keypad remembers your safety. Always. What this means is it combines 4 programmable settings with reasonable safety features so that the desk doesn't end up hitting anything in its path. The settings are programmed, but you still control the movement of the desk. Also the bases include a pressure release feature, which shuts off the adjustment if it detects resistance to lowering due to obstruction. You'll be able to stand while you work, burning calories, increasing energy and focus, and even improving circulation while at your desk in safety.

3. Cable Management: This is another feature you might not anticipate needing. However, in the real life of having an adjustable desk, you'll find that computer wires become a big eyesore and will get tangled as you change desk positions. We have developed a cable management kit to solve this issue. The kit includes a wire management tray, outlet strip that fits in the tray, desk-to-wall cable organizer, and parts that will help tie and mount your cables.

4. Budget: This is where people start to get suspicious and I just have to say, it's understandable to think this is a "too good to be true" kind of situation. The bottom line is, these bases are the newest design, with the most up to date features, and it is also the most reasonable price. We are able to provide a better price on these new desks precisely because their design is more efficient. And also, we manufacture them ourselves.

5. Wood tops: You may already be aware that our solid wood top options are compatible with the UPLIFT 900 bases, but if you aren't - you should check them out. They are stunning, made locally here in Austin by a woodworker, and are the only solid wood option available to go with an electric, height adjustable desk. And because you'll be saving money on the base itself, you might just be able to budget around a custom made solid wood top. It will make your working not only ergonomic, but aesthetically superior.

Hopefully this break down of some of the more technical specifications will help you figure out what kind of desk is best for you. And as always, we are here to help if you have more questions. You can fill out a desk selector form to get a customized suggestion from one of our experts, or you can call our toll free number and speak with one of us today.

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