Stay Comfortable While Standing at Work with an UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat

Stay Comfortable While Standing at Work with an UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 26th 2013

Trying to come up with a great blog topic can hurt your head. Sometimes though, it can hurt your feet. At least that was the case for me today. As I thought about the different topics I could write about, standing at my desk as I do most days, I realized my feet were killing me. This is likely due to my stubbornness to give up on my favorite shoes, but what can I say? Nonetheless, my dogs were barking.

I don’t sit very much at work any longer. I like to spend 75-80% of my day on my feet. Just because my shoes weren’t providing the support I needed, I didn’t want to give up on my standing regimen. So I went out into our Human Solution Showroom and borrowed the UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat.

As soon as I stepped on the mat I could feel the difference. The pain and discomfort melted away like Frosty the Snowman without his hat.

The mat makes standing at work so much easier. Technically speaking, the UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat is made from a lightweight 5/8” thick closed-cell PVC Nitrile foam rubber. In layman’s terms, it is a very comfortable, lightweight foam padded anti-fatigue mat. At 2’ x 3’ and resistant to liquids, greases and oils, it's perfect for use in any residential, commercial or even industrial setting. In my experience, they are the perfect complement to a standing desk.

Even if your desk isn’t wide enough to have both a mat and a chair side-by-side, the UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat is light enough to pick up and move with one hand. Heck, you can even kick it out of the way if your hands are busy!

All of the aforementioned is in addition to the practical benefits too of course. Anti-fatigue mats work wonders to take stress off of your knees and feet while standing. They are especially important if you will be looking to stand for several hours at a time.

It isn’t easy to go from sitting to standing most of your day all in one transition. Personally, I have had a recent encounter with knee pain from playing basketball and jogging on hard, unforgiving concrete. While standing generally helps to manage my knee pain, using the UPLIFT Mat makes it feel like I could literally stand all day. In taking so much strain off the tendons, I don’t feel the pain and fatigue in my knee that I normally might towards the end of the day.

As for my ailing feet and my unsupportive shoes, well, the UPLIFT Mat has added a little life to my old favorites but it’s only a matter of time before I’ll have to make another shoe investment.

If you have doubts that you can stand for long periods of time or you think that you might hit a speed bump in your learning curve, the UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat is an investment well worth it. Your feet and the rest of your body will thank you. Give us a call at 1-800-531-3746, or chat with us and we’ll be glad to set you up with an anti-fatigue mat for your office or home.

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