Study: The Right Ergonomic Keyboard and Workstation Will Boost Productivity and ROI

Study: The Right Ergonomic Keyboard and Workstation Will Boost Productivity and ROI

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 25th 2013

Most of us are familiar with the aches and pains that come with an inadequate workspace setup: neck strain, wrist soreness, carpal tunnel, and sore back, to name a few. Most of us also know that a well-planned ergonomic setup can alleviate these symptoms. But did you know that ergonomic accessories to are designed to prevent computer-related repetitive strain injuries can also improve your bottom line by: 1) improving comfort and produtivity, and 2) decreasing work-related injuries?

Tne answer to combating office work-related injuries and increasing productivity can be as easy as adding the right ergonomic keyboard to your desk. One of our local suppliers is Goldtouch, manufacturers of the popular Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard, a split ergonomic keyboard that promotes a healthy typing posture. The Goldtouch keyboard works with a PC or a Mac, and it has helped thousands of customers with repetitive stress injuries associated with prolonged computer use.

Dozens of large enterprise organizations have run internal assessments of the value of Goldtouch products. These studies showed significant productivity gains and financial benefits. One example customer found a return of over $760 per employee over a three year period due to workman's compensation savings and a reduction in absenteeism. Another found dramatic improvement in overall employee satisfaction. You can read a compilation of cost-reduction results affiliated with the study in this article.

What does this mean for you? If you or your employees decide to outfit your office with ergonomic products, like an ergonomic keyboard, you'll feel more comfortable at work every day. You're most likely also see a boost in productivity, and a decrease in your bottom-line costs as other Goldtouch customers have.

When a simple change (like adding an ergonomic keyboard or comfort mouse) can make a huge difference as these studies show, imagine the benefits when redesigning an entire workspace for comfot utilizing standing desks or treadmill desks . Each can have a profound impact on your employees' lifestyles and healthcare costs.

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