The Ergonomics Guy Reviews the UPLIFT 975 Pedestal Standing Desk

The Ergonomics Guy Reviews the UPLIFT 975 Pedestal Standing Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 17th 2014

*The UPLIFT 975 Pedestal Desk has been discontinued. If you are looking for a desk to fit in a limited space, have a look at the UPLIFT Space Saver Desk!

The Ergonomics Guy, Steve Meagher, Physical Therapist and founder of Site Solutions recently gave a video review of the UPLIFT 975 Electric Sit-Stand Pedestal Desk. He even highlighted it as his Product of the Week and touched on the great ergonomic accessories that we pair with it.

By now, the general public is well aware of the ill-effects of a sedentary work day. Getting set up with a height-adjustable, sit-to-stand desk is the first step, but implementing some standing into your day shouldn’t be where you stop!

There are still some common problems that arise from an ergonomic standpoint, even with a standing desk. Steve explores these issues, while demonstrating the UPLIFT 975 and two great accessories that are a staple to any ergonomic workstation.

A CPU holder and keyboard tray help make the UPLIFT 975 pedestal standing desk a basic, but still nearly fully outfitted ergonomic workstation. Many people go for a smaller, pedestal style desk like this when they intend to use a laptop with their work.

As Steve demonstrates in his video, even when using a laptop without connecting it to an external monitor you can still keep everything ergonomically sound. The desk surface can be raised or lowered to the correct position depending on the height of the user. From there, you can either just tilt the laptop screen so that it is in line with eye level or an ergonomic laptop stand can be a very handy little accessory.

We've found that when you use a laptop as your primary means of work computer, a keyboard tray becomes a necessary component to a workstation. Sure, you can get your typing height correct, but it is still recommended to type at a negative angle and using a laptop will never allow you to have both your typing and mousing ergonomically correct, as well as monitor height and distance.

Correct monitor distance is an arm's length away. Without an external keyboard with your laptop, it is essentially impossible to have both correct monitor eye distance and correct typing position without reaching and straining. A keyboard tray will help fix that problem, and even with the smaller desk surface on an UPLIFT 975, a keyboard tray with an 11" track will easily install, as you can see from Steve's video. Finally, a CPU holder helps clear up desk space.

We appreciate the review and kind words from someone who clearly understands the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. Hey, he is The Ergonomics Guy, after all. He knows a good thing when he sees it.

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