The UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat: A Most Comfortable Polygon

The UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat: A Most Comfortable Polygon

Posted by Ryan Osborne on Sep 29th 2014

When I first started working at my sit-stand-walk workstation, I thought I had all the basics: height–adjustable desk, monitor arms, ergonomic chair, keyboard tray, and a treadmill. I acclimated quickly to using my new chair, and getting my monitor arms and keyboard tray adjusted to the proper position. The next day, I started incorporating standing into my routine, and I eventually started getting used to my treadmill as well.

But, I kept finding myself getting tired of standing, and needing to sit down. I figured this fatigue was just the nature of the beast when it came to a standing work station, but I still wanted to try and find a solution to the sitting craving that would take me over throughout the day.

I was offered a set of  UPLIFT Twist Boards by a co-worker, and I thought, “Alright, this is going to be the answer, active standing is going to make me not feel the need to sit!” The Twist Boards definitely helped (and the side-benefit of getting a core workout was a positive) but my body was still fatigued, and I would still turn to my chair for comfort.

A few weeks later, I was given an  UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat to try out.

My world was changed.

I didn’t think that this little 18" x 30" cushioned mat would make such a difference, but it surely did. Even on the very first day of using it, I noticed that I was standing past the time I would normally be going for my chair. And with the beveled edges making a smooth transition from the floor to the full thickness of the mat, it wasn’t something I had to get used to stepping on and the edges also help keep it in place.

This mat is a hidden gem of the ergonomic workstation. Not only am I able to stand on it, but I can also continue to use my Twist Boards. And at times, when I want to take a break from using my treadmill, I can put it on top of the belt (with the treadmill off, of course) and stand comfortably, until I decide to move it out of the way, and walk some more. Because of the ability to move it around, I would recommend the 18" x 30" mat, but we also have a growing collection of  anti-fatigue mats that are available as well.

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