Tournament of Desks November 2014: UPLIFT vs. Stand Desk

Tournament of Desks November 2014: UPLIFT vs. Stand Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 14th 2014

The secret is out: sit-stand desks are an essential element of a comfortable and healthy workplace. It is truly a boom time for adjustable height sit/stand desks, but with this increase in popularity, its harder than ever to know which desk is the right one for you. That's why, all this week, our bloggers are comparing well-known standing desks to see how they stack up to our best-seller: the UPLIFT 900. Two (or three) desks enter, but only one can reign supreme!

We’re closing the November 2014 Tournament of Desks by taking a look at one of the newest desks on the market, the Stand Desk. Stand Desk is an interesting new presence on the internet; it actually started as a Kickstarter campaign and has garnered some attention online as a new, crowd-sourced company.

And hey, that's really cool. We already know standing desks are on the vanguard right now, and then on top of that, to purchase from a new online dealer that is democratically organized...that is pretty hip. But, of course, that’s all backstory. So let’s take a look at the desk itself, and how it compares to our UPLIFT 900 desk.

As far as specs go, the height range with Stand Desks is 28" - 45", because their desks only have a 2 stage actuator. Travel speed is 0.6 -0.75” per second depending on the load. With UPLIFT Desks, the height range is 24." - 50.5", and they can travel that distance at a rate of 1.5” per second, thanks to their 3-stage actuator. With Stand Desk, the standard keypad with their desk has an up and down button only. You can purchase the "Deluxe Control" option, with memory presets, an option that is included standard with the UPLIFT 900. Lastly, the Stand Desk offers a desk weight capacity of 225lbs, while the UPLIFT 900 offers 350lbs.

However, if there’s one huge advantage to the UPLIFT 900, its that desk’s adaptability. While Stand Desk bases have a permanent crossbar that spans the width of the desk just under the desktop, the UPLIFT has a telescoping base that can support a wider variety of desk bases. The UPLIFT 900’s crossbar is even removable, making it easier to change desktops or add ergonomic accessories (like keyboard trays, CPU holders, etc). And with customer service available over phone, chat, and email, you can ensure assistance as you plan this out, so you don't end up with a desk that doesn't actually work for your space or your preferences.

Stand Desk bases, without a top, start at $449, while full desks start at $558.99, making them very competitively priced. The UPLIFT 900, on the other hand, starts at $469 for a base frame (no top), and full desks start at $599. While Stand Desk has 3 top options - white, black, and bamboo - the UPLIFT 900 is available with a wide variety of laminates and real wood tops.

Of course, the main question with Stand Desk is how their roll-out will go. Stand Desk has been around for 1 year, and this includes the time it has gone from a Kickstarter campaign to online source. They have been developing the production and design of their desks, and are still transitioning from beta to shipping. They even have a disclaimer on their site saying that orders may not look as they exactly appear online, so clearly they’re still ironing out the details. Customer service is also an area that can take some time to develop. Stand Desk offers an email address as their point of contact, no phone number nor chat services on their site. There's not much mode of communication available before or after you have placed an order. There are no product or customer reviews on Yelp, Google reviews, or anywhere else. You can review the comment thread on Kickstarter, but that is the only area to find any feedback.

That dependability and customer service is a point of pride with UPLIFT Desks. Our customer service representatives are available by phone, e-mail, or live chat and are happy to answer any questions, troubleshoot any issues, and direct you to the best option for your workstation. With UPLIFT orders, production time is usually about 1 week (depending on the style of top) with expedited production options available. The Human Solution, which is the parent company of the UPLIFT Brand, has been in business since 2002, and everything has already been quality tested and shipping. Customer service is available over the phone, website chat, and rapid correspondence over email. Each product listing offers customer reviews, and you can also research the company on Google.

So while I am obviously biased- as The Human Solution is responsible for the UPLIFT brand - I would still recommend the UPLIFT 900. You get the experience that comes with having already shipped thousands of desks, the specs for a more complete ergonomic workstation, and the expertise of a team that makes customer service our #1 priority.

For more reasons why you should consider our UPLIFT brand and browse our ergo accessories, come 'round to see us:

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