Transform your UPLIFT 2-Leg Base with the 3-Leg Conversion Kit

Transform your UPLIFT 2-Leg Base with the 3-Leg Conversion Kit

Posted by Will M on Aug 28th 2014

One of the main reasons why we think the UPLIFT Desk is the best desk for your money that you’ll find out there is its versatility. Because of the UPLIFT’s telescoping width base, it can fit a wide range of desktops, and can even be re-used if your desktop size needs change or you just want to upgrade your worksurface. But what if you want to upgrade to a large, L-shaped desktop? Well, just when you thought the UPLIFT base couldn’t get any more versatile, along comes our 3-Leg Conversion Kit.

The UPLIFT 2-Leg to 3-Leg Conversion Kit gives you everything you need to turn a two-leg UPLIFT base into a three-leg UPLIFT base. The kit allows you to use your existing base to turn an L-shaped or corner desktop into a height-adjustable workstation and bulk up your base’s weight capacity to 530 lbs., all without having to buy a whole new base. The kit comes with an additional height-adjustable leg as well as an additional crossbar end and side bracket, along with a newly-programmed control box and wiring to ensure all three legs move in tandem. Transforming your desk is as easy as adding the third leg and switching out the control box.

A three-leg base isn’t just for corner desk users, though. Due to the physics of height-adjustable desks, sit-stand desks with larger rectangular tops like our 80” tops or tops deeper than the standard 30” tend to be a little less stable in the higher positions. For most users this isn’t an issue, but, if you’d like to give your larger rectangular desktop some more heft and stability at standing height, the conversion kit will also allow UPLIFT users to create their own three-leg rectangular desk.

So whether you are a current UPLIFT user who wants to upgrade their base, or you are just thinking about buying an two-leg UPLIFT but are holding out because you think you might want a three-leg base down the road, the 3-Leg Conversion Kit is there for you, now or whenever you need it. And you thought the already amazing UPLIFT couldn’t be improved!

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