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UPLIFT at DreamHack and Maker Faire Austin!

Author: Tyler R | Posted:

Every year UPLIFT Desk improves upon ergonomic office products and every year there is a festival or three to showcase the hottest new items. This year is a rather special year as for the first time ever, DreamHack is coming to the states and what better place to have a stateside debut than Austin, Texas? For those of you who don't know or have never heard of DreamHack, it's a smorgasbord of all things digital. Gaming, communication, programming, design, gadgets, anything you can imagine to satisfy a tech enthusiasts palate. It's another great chance to see the height-adjustable UPLIFT Desk in action! DreamHack Austin is happening May 6th-May 8th and tickets are on sale now.

As if DreamHack wasn't exciting enough, Maker Faire Austin is happening the same week! Maker Faire is another fantastic festival featuring science, engineering, and of course, food! Maker Faire celebrates the Do-It-Yourself mindset and gives a stage for all sorts of people to show off their crafts and gadgets. UPLIFT will be there showcasing beautiful desktops and the unmatched quality of our lifting system which has been used by many of our more crafty customers to make their own custom desktops. This family friendly festivity is running from May 7th- May 8th.

So whether you want to have a weekend adventure, experience an Austin-style festival, or check out one of the best ergonomic office solutions on the market, come join us on the first week of May and see how we can UPLIFT your life!