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UPLIFT Desk Video Review from The Division

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

Our friends at The Division, the production company behind the popular TV show Graveyard Carz, love their UPLIFT Desks! They've created the informative video above, detailing the benefits of using our desks, highlighting their favorite accessories, and demonstrating real-world use. Aaron Smith, executive producer and editor at The Division, narrates the video, explaining why sitting is the new smoking, and showing exactly how UPLIFT Desks and accessories can change your working life. He points out that most of us with office jobs spend more time at our desks than in our beds! When you think about it that way, it makes even more sense to ensure that your work environment facilitates your health, comfort, and productivity. Call or chat with us today to learn how you can feel better at work with an UPLIFT Desk. keeps you healthy and productive throughout your long days.

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