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Video: A Professional Ergonomist Demonstrates How to Use a Treadmill Desk

Author: Will M | Posted:

If you’re in the Austin area, you may have seen our 30-second TV commercial touting our various ergonomic products, specifically our treadmill desks. Even if you have checked out the commercial, you may not have seen our longer video above, in which Professor Ergo himself, our founder and CEO Jon Paulsen, goes into more detail about the benefits of an ergonomic workstation and, more specifically, a treadmill desk.

See Jon talk about the idea behind a true ergonomic workstation – fitting the workstation to the user – and how a more comfortable worker means a more productive worker. Jon also demonstrates how we at The Human Solution suggest configuring a height-adjustable treadmill desk, with the treadmill on one side and a chair on the other, coupled with a monitor arm that can adjust depending on whether you are sitting, standing or walking at work.

So check out our short and long-form videos starring Professor Ergo, and, if you still want more information, feel free to email, chat with us, or call us at 800-531-3746 and one of our experts will be more than happy to show you how you can be more productive and comfortable while you work.