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Video: How to Organize the Wires on Your Standing Desk with Our Advanced Wire Management Kit

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Pete posted a blog on our Advanced Wire Management Kit, with before and after pictures of a desk here in the office that was badly in need of some cord control. If you're amazed at the results of the cable makeover, but not sure exactly how to accomplish it yourself, the video above will show you how each component works to clear your clutter.

UPLIFT Desks come standard with cable management, but to really clean up your workstation, the Advanced Wire Management Kit comes with everything you need to customize your cord organization to whatever works best for your height-adjustable desk, whether you've got just a laptop or even a triple-monitor setup with CPU and battery pack. Keeping your cords out of the way frees up valuable real estate on the surface of your desk and maximizes aesthetics. If your setup changes, you can easily change your wire management as well; adding and removing cords is a snap!

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about the best way to organize your cords. We're here to help!

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