Video Review: Raynor Nuvo Mesh Chair

Video Review: Raynor Nuvo Mesh Chair

Posted by Human Solution on Aug 25th 2014

The Raynor Nuvo Mesh Chair is a dark horse in the world of mesh chairs; it offers some great adjustments from a quality brand at an affordable price, but many people aren't aware of its greatness. The Nuvo is great because it offers high end adjustments, cool mesh, and a hip design. Some of the adjustments you can enjoy with this chair are an adjustable lower lumbar support, seat slider, tilt lock, adjustable arms, and waterfall seat. Plus, it's one of the few chairs that offer a headrest and the price doesn't go over $500!

The the mesh material brings cool comfort to your work space, and the look of the chair is very appealing. Its design is compact and sleek, which is a nice choice for people looking for a chair that is ergonomic, but doesn't have a bulky and awkward appearance. You can choose from different mesh colors (blue, gold and red), which is not a standard feature of many mesh chairs, which typically only come in black.

Many of our customers have great things to say about this chair, and it's a versatile option for different body types. We think you should consider it if you're looking for a great mesh ergonomic chair! Check out the video review to see how it moves with your body. And if you have more questions, give us a call! Many of us in the office have tried the chair first and would be happy to share our thoughts.

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