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Video: See the UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk in Action!

Author: Will M | Posted:

These are exciting times! Our new UPLIFT sit-stand desk bases are almost here, and in the above video Shannon goes over the features of these great, new heavy-duty desks. Watch as Shannon shows you the benefits of the UPLIFT, including its heavy lifting capacity and telescoping base, as well as the benefits of a standing desk in general.

Be on the lookout for a very special, very rare full-bodied appearance by everyone's favorite Human Solution disembodied voice, Pete, as he and Shannon prove how heavy duty these desks are by hanging out on top of one as the height adjustable desk base works its magic. This is not camera trickery, folks, like an old Star Trek episode where an enemy attack was signified by a shaky camera and leaning extras. We just trust our bases to handle it!

Of course, the best way to see these in action is in person, at work or in your home office.

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