Video: UPLIFT CPU Holder - For Ergonomic Organization

Video: UPLIFT CPU Holder - For Ergonomic Organization

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 8th 2013

Adjustable-height desks have become more and more popular as of recently. No longer will you get funny looks from co-workers when you make the switch from a traditional desk and you are standing at work instead of sitting. Truthfully, you should be the one giving out the funny looks now to those who haven't ever tried a standing desk. Finally, our judgmental society has socially accepted standing at work and we here at Human Solution are trained in ergonomics to make your standing life easier.

Organization becomes important when you make the switch to a standing desk. Think about it. You can no longer have that CPU tower on the ground when your desk is able to move from sitting to standing position. Your cables won't reach far enough to the CPU or monitors when your desk at standing height. In general, your CPU should not be on the ground at all, since it would be more susceptible to dust, spills, rambunctious children, you name it. So what should you do? Get a CPU holder!

The UPLIFT CPU Holder mounts to the underside of your desk, via the included mounting hardware and 16" track, and frees up that valuable desk space for all the important papers that need pushing. Once installed, it allows for 360 degrees of swivel and will retract along the track. You'll have easy access to all ports and complete control of your CPU unit, all within arm's reach. No more straining your back or getting down on your knees to plug in that darned mini-USB flash drive.

If you need some further convincing, and you are into numbered lists, check out our blog post on the top five reasons to use a CPU holder for your numerical enjoyment.

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