What Makes the UPLIFT 900 Standing Desk Series Better? Just About Everything!

What Makes the UPLIFT 900 Standing Desk Series Better? Just About Everything!

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 11th 2013

It’s summer here in Austin, Texas. Despite the impending heat and humidity that is characteristic of central Texas summers, here at Human Solution we’re introducing our newest series of adjustable height standing desks, the UPLIFT 900 series, and we couldn’t be more excited! Not just because we are a bunch of ergonomics geeks who are on a tireless mission to help make people comfortable and healthy at work, but because they are our very own line of desks. They are manufactured by Human Solution, and, as a result, we are able to offer them at a great price point, making it easier and more affordable than ever to upgrade your desk to a sit-stand workstation.

Because this is our newest line of desks, we’ve been able to incorporate a lot of the features you want to see in a standing workstation. A memory keypad comes standard, whereas a memory keypad is usually either an upgrade or not available at all on older adjustable height desk models. The UPLIFT 900 series desks also come with a heavy duty lifting capacity: 335 lbs. for the two-leg UPLIFT 900 and UPLIFT 920, and up to 465 lbs. on the three-leg UPLIFT 950.

The UPLIFT 900 desks are also incredibly versatile and highly adjustable. They have a telescoping center beam design, not found on many other desk models, so you can easily adjust the width of the desk base if you decide to switch out the desktop down the road. If you want to mount a keyboard tray, you have the option of mounting one of our Humanscale keyboard trays with an 11” track, or, if you want the flexibility to stow the tray completely when not in use, remove the center rails. This make room for a longer track, and you don’t lose any stability. Better yet, order an UPLIFT 920, which has all the same great features as the UPLIFT 900, but without the center rails.

With the UPLIFT 900 desks, you also have a great height range, from about 25” to 51”, depending on the thickness of your desktop. So it works for tall or short users, or those who want to pair it with a treadmill and create an exercise workstation. Of course, the UPLIFT 900 is still available with our signature solid wood and Texas native wood tops, made to order right here in Austin, Texas, by a local woodworker.

You can also choose from a variety of laminate colors, or, use your own top! I've talked to customers who have used interesting pieces of wood they’ve found on the beach to fashion a desktop, and even one who was making a desktop out of an airplane wing. If you do decide to get creative with one of our desk bases, send us a picture; it might end up right here on our blog!

Find more information about adjustable-height desks at TheHumanSolution.com

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