Which Humanscale Mouse Platform?

Which Humanscale Mouse Platform?

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 29th 2010

When choosing a Humanscale keyboard tray, one of the options that leads to the most questions is the mouse platform. To say it, it sounds like the simplest part of the whole thing: it’s a platform for a mouse. Aside from being flat, what features could possibly be so important that they needed to give 3 options? Well, there are a couple: space and tilt. I’ll go over how each of the three choices addresses these.

The first and most popular mouse platform is the clip mouse. It attaches to the side of the tray and adjusts in height so that it can be roughly flush with the height of the keyboard tray or about 1.5” above it. It swivels out to the side of the keyboard tray or can be positioned so it sits directly over part of the keyboard. This platform takes up a large amount of space, but it does something the other two types do not: It articulates independently of the keyboard platform. In other words, you can tilt your keyboard, but keep your mouse on a flat surface so it does not risk sliding off. For that reason alone, we recommend this platform unless someone has an issue with the size of the platform that may cause a problem.

If that is the case, the swivel mouse is the natural alternative. It attaches to the underside of the platform and can swing completely underneath the tray for storage. This makes it the most space-efficient option. However, there is no tilt, so if your keyboard tray is tilted, make sure your mouse is secure.

Finally, the M2 is large and immobile. It does not have any tilt functionality and cannot swing out of the way. If you feel you need the extra space, this might be an option, but it lags behind the other two in other ways.

Overall, I recommend the clip mouse, if possible, but if you have further questions, please give us a call or chat.

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