Why Humanscale Requires Foam (not Gel) with Leather Chair Seats

Why Humanscale Requires Foam (not Gel) with Leather Chair Seats

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 6th 2011

One of the reasons we like the Humanscale Freedom Chair so much is the wide variety of ergonomic options that are available when configuring the chair. If you have decided that the Freedom Chair is the right chair for you, and you have a question about any of the chair options, please give us a call (800-531-3746) or chat live with an expert and we’ll be happy to help you out.

There are two comfy seat cushion options available to Humanscale Freedom Chair shoppers—a foam and a gel cushion. So what’s the difference between the foam and the gel? While the foam seat is very comfortable and supportive, and has been contoured to fit your body and reduce pressure points, the gel offers superior pressure distribution and is better suited to long-term comfort. For those who get up and stand throughout the day, the foam is a good option; for those who spend long hours in the chair, we recommend the gel. However, before you commit to any specific configuration, there is one thing you should know: we do not recommend the optional Technogel seat upgrade with any of the leather, Sensuede or Millenium fabric options.

Here’s the reason we don’t recommend the gel with the leather seat: The gel doesn’t properly adhere to the leather seat, which, over the long haul, will most likely lead to cracking and other unsightliness on the seat surface. This kind of damage will not be covered by your Humanscale warranty and will necessitate you purchasing a new seat. Essentially, it is a bad idea for the long-term health and well-being of your chair, which is something you ought to be concerned about, since your chair is concerned about your long-term health and well-being.

For more details about a gel seat versus a foam seat on a Humanscale Freedom Chair, see our Humanscale Seats: Foam vs. Gel Blog Post. Otherwise, please see our Humanscale Freedom Chair product page for more configurations options and pricing info.

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