WOOD You like Some Samples? The UPLIFT Solid Wood Sample Kit is Here to Help!

WOOD You like Some Samples? The UPLIFT Solid Wood Sample Kit is Here to Help!

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 25th 2014

I have a hard time with decisions; even fun ones! At THS, we understand that decisions are hard, and even more so when you're buying something online. This is why we have awesome customer service representatives (like yours truly) available over the phone for any question you might have.

Some products are more complicated than others when it comes to ordering and desks are one of those products that take a little extra thought. With our natural, solid wood desks, like the UPLIFT 900 Solid Wood Height-Adjustable Standing Desk, our customers have an aesthetic question to consider: Which solid wood top is right for me? Our different wood top options are all unique and each brings a different flavor to a room. The images we offer online can be helpful for many people, but for some customers it is necessary to see them in person before making a decision.

Luckily, we have a solution for this dilemma!

The listing for the UPLIFT Solid Wood Samples gives customers the opportunity to rent a set of the solid wood samples for 5 days. You pay for shipping and we send you the woods you'd like to see. And any cost incurred from renting these samples will be deducted from the purchase of a desk. Win-win, is it not?

Seeing the samples in person can help you visualize your desk in your space. You can compare it next to your carpet, furniture, artwork, action figure collection, cats, or whatever else you want to coordinate your desk to! Compare the different textures and styles of the woods in person. You will realize things you never thought you'd realize, like mesquite wood makes your office look like a champion's office. Or bamboo brings it to a higher plane of modern style you never thought you'd realize in this lifetime. The possibilities are endless!

For wood sample inquiries and any other question, visit The Human Solution.com or call us at 800.531.3746 speak to an expert today.

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