Work Smarter as a Team with an UPLIFT Standing Desk

Work Smarter as a Team with an UPLIFT Standing Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 2nd 2014

New research shows even more benefits of getting out of your chair.

The good news about standing desks just keeps rolling in. Not only do they improve focus and energy and alleviate pain, they also promote the development of creative ideas, problem-solving skills, and team interaction, according to a new Washington University study. To conduct the experiment, the study's authors divided over 200 participants into groups of three or five. Half of the teams were put to work in a standard conference room with chairs, and the other half worked standing. All groups were given the same task to perform, writing a script for a recruitment video. The study's authors found that the standing group showed higher levels of engagement and interaction, with less "territorial behavior"; that is, the standers worked better as a team and were less possessive of their own ideas.

If you've spent any time researching height-adjustable desks, you know that there are numerous health and productivity benefits that come along with getting out of your chair throughout the day. That information is well-known now, but this is the first study that looks at standing as it relates to interpersonal dynamics. Here at Human Solution, we've been holding standing team meetings for years; these study findings reinforce our own experience. We're more creative and work better as a coherent team when we stand more often. The researchers speculate that the free movement of your body allows for the free movement of your brain, resulting in an increased capacity for what the researchers term "collaborative knowledge work."

We've got height-adjustable desks that will work for teams of all sizes, from our small UPLIFT Space Saver Desk to a 108" conference/ping pong table. Our two-leg UPLIFT is always a great choice as well, for individual workstations or group work areas. If you're thinking of upgrading your workspace to one that's healthier, happier, and full of great ideas, give us a call!

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