Chair Mat with Standing Cushion by UPLIFT Desk

Chair Mat with Standing Cushion by UPLIFT Desk

Our anti-fatigue Chair Mat with Standing Cushion was designed for sit-stand workstations that offer a progressive and more versatile workstation for users using their standing desk. This top of the line 2-in-1 mat is constructed from high-quality faux-leather and engineered foam. This mat was made to withstand your average everyday wear and tear while protecting your floor for many years to come. The mat is perfectly sized for you to roll your chair and move back and forth with ease. Designed to stay in one place while working at a sit-stand workstation—there's no need to move the mat each time you go from standing to sitting. But if you'd prefer to place your chair on the thinner back portion of the mat when you sit, you can easily position the mat to suit you. It has been shown that using an anti-fatigue mat supports increased work productivity and this mat helps to create a smooth transition when switching from sitting to standing throughout the day. Half an inch of cushion may not sound like much, but it is the right amount of support to keep your feet happy while standing at work and allow your chair to roll over it. The thinner portion of the mat's smooth surface lets you easily scoot across the floors without damaging them.


  • UPLIFT Desk's amazing line of standing mats just got better. This large 2-in-1 mat is the perfect combination of support and protection. Protect your floor from chair scuffs and stand comfortably with its soft-anti-fatigue surface. This mat serves as the ultimate mat for protection, support and comfort.
  • Stand up for your health at work. Practice ergonomics even longer while comfortably standing on the cushioned portion of the mat—the anti-fatigue surface provides relief from foot, leg, and back fatigue
  • Reduce wear-and-tear on your floors with this mat made from durable, long-lasting material. It sits between your chair and floor, proving the protection your floors need from your chair
  • This cross-functional mat is constructed from heavy-duty faux leather and engineered foam. The mat provides a smooth surface for your chair's casters to sit, roll, and move on without harming your floor.
  • Engineered without any heavy metals, this mat is safe to use on all hard surfaces—suitable for hardwood, laminates, concrete, tile, stone, low pile carpet, and other hard floor surfaces.
  • Constructed with the same superior design and detail as our famous Standing Mat with Heel Grab and E7 Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • UPLIFT Desk's Chair Mat with Standing Cushion at 36" W x 54" D,is one of the largest on the market today. It provides you the space you need to work at your best level
  • If you're switching frequently from sitting to standing, there's no need to move or adjust this mat


Product dimensions & weight 36" W x 54" D x 0.7" H, 11.4 lb
Material PVC leather with Polyurethane foam
Color Black
Finish Lightly textured, slip resistant
Cleaning method Wet cloth, mild soapy water, cleaning wipes, or isopropyl alcohol. Do not use bleach or ammonia.
Cushion size 32.5" W x 16.75" D
Cushion thickness 0.7"
Mat thickness 0.1"
Mat material PVC Leather
Cushion material Polyurethane Foam
Shipping dimensions & weight 37" W x 6.7" D x 6.7" H, 12.2 lb
Warranty 15 year warranty on all UPLIFT Desk products

Chair Mat with Standing Cushion F.A.Q.

  • What does anti-fatigue mean, and why is it important?

    Anti-fatigue mats were designed to provide comfort and prevent or reduce fatigue while standing, but they also relieve pressure on the legs and feet when standing and provide relief from back pain. We recommend anti-fatigue mats for anyone who purchases a standing desk.

  • Will this mat work on low pile carpets or is it only suitable for hard floor surfaces?

    The Chair Mat with Standing Cushion works well on multiple surfaces, including low pile carpet, hardwood, laminates, tile, and more.

  • Do chairs roll easily on this mat?

    Absolutely! This mat was designed with chairs that roll in mind. The padded cushion allows for a smooth ride and the durable faux leather surface lets chairs easily move around.

  • Do I have to move the mat each time I switch from sitting to standing or vice versa?

    The cushioned front portion of the mat is durable enough to withstand the weight of the chair, so if you're switching frequently between sitting and standing, you can leave the mat in one position (depending on your chair, the casters may roll fall off the cushioned portion a bit, but that's okay). If you plan on sitting for a long period of time, you might prefer to shift move the mat and place your chair on the back portion.


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