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Ergodex DX1 Input System

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Ergodex DX1 Input System

THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED. Welcome to the world of the Ergodex DX1. It's not like any other keyboard because the user defines both the placement of the keys and the function of each key. The Ergodex DX1 is a completely programmable input device that's easy to use. The system comes with the DX1 pad, tray, 25 keys and the software you use to define what each key will do.

Ergodex DX1 programmability and flexibility make it the perfect accessory for both busy professionals seeking to simplify common tasks and game aficionados seeking to speed up the shortcuts they use in their favorite games.

The Ergodex DX1 pad connects to your computer via its USB connector; the tray sits on top of the pad, and users place the keys on the tray as desired. Because the keys can be moved, you can place them where they are most comfortable for you. A wide variety of stickers are included for marking the keys and keeping track of their location. The Ergodex keys are solid and fast, and no extra-latency has been added to them.

Ergodex Manager is the included software that makes it easy for you to assign each key to perform any function. You can also create multi-step macros- they are mini-programs performed when you press one key, and blocks of text or programming code can also be stored on a key. Pre-recorded macros are included with the Ergodex manager, and they offer shortcuts to more than 60 software programs and games. The record button on the pad allows you to create macros "on the fly." Extra keys and trays are available to order as well.

The Ergodex can dramatically decrease typing repetition and ergonomic injury risk while improving overall productivity, and it's simple and fun to use. This input device is recommended by our in-house CPE (certified professional ergonomist) here at The Human Solution.

Your Ergodex DX1 includes the key tray and 25 movable keys, numbered one to 25. The pad communicates wirelessly with its keys; the tray is washable and clear, so you can place maps or images under it.

Ergodex DX1 Features:

  • Ergonomic, moveable keys- place they keys wherever you want to work best with your needs or preferences
  • Macros available- single key, multi key, text block, file/URL launch and press/release macros
  • Ergodex DX1 Pad- open surface gives you the freedom to create your own user-friendly setup
  • DX1 Tray- you can purchase additional trays for separate key configurations
  • Twenty-five DX1 Input Keys- each key is numbered for identification
  • Pre-printed labels- clear stickers to put on the keys for easy identification including blank labels, letters, numbers and a variety of common symbols and icons
  • Installation CD and Software- helps you set-up and program your Ergodex quickly and easily

Ergodex DX1 Specifications:

  • Works with Windows 2000 (SP3 or later) and Windows XP (Home and Professional SP2 or later)
  • Dimensions- 11" W x 9 3/8" D x 1 1/8" H

Ergodex in action

Ergodex Vista Compability Information Link:

Ergodex and Windows Vista