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Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Bundle for PC and Mac

item#: THS200

Choose your favorite from our extensive ergonomic keyboard and mouse selection to create your own Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard Bundle. All of the keyboards and mice we offer have been hand-picked by our ergonomic experts because they are the best options in their class. Improve your workstation with an Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Bundle and consider adding an optional wrist pad and USB hub.

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Kinesis Freestyle2 Adjustable Split Keyboard for PC
List Price: $99.00
Our Price: $89.00
Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac
List Price: $109.00
Our Price: $98.00
Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue, Multichannel Bluetooth Keyboard for PC
List Price: $119.00
Our Price: $99.00

While a lot of standing desks out there claim to be the best, only UPLIFT Desks back it up. And the UPLIFT Standing Desk with Solid Wood Top gives you the best of the best, pairing a quiet dual-motor electric frame that easily lifts a fully-loaded, thick wood desktop from a sitting position to a standing position in seconds with the rustic elegance of natural solid wood. And if you ever want to switch or upgrade tops, the sturdy width-adjustable desk frame can expand or contract as your desktop changes. Add to that removable crosspieces underneath the desktop that allow for more space to mount accessories like a keyboard tray, as well as the lack of a bulky, visible crossbar, and you've got a completely customizable sit-stand desk that's clean and efficient underneath with an unmatched beauty on top that sets you apart from all the others riding the standing desk wave. To really stand out, you can even add a third leg and make it a large L-shaped corner UPLIFT 950 desk.

Be sure load up your real-wood UPLIFT desk with one or all of our UPLIFT accessories, including advanced wire management to further maintain your desk's clean and professional look, 110V power and USB power built right into your real wood desktop, single or dual monitor arms with fingertip adjustment, and a sturdy and highly adjustable keyboard tray with short and full-length tracks that allow you to design your desk setup even further. UPLIFT is a desk for everyone, but the UPLIFT Standing Desk with Solid Wood Top is truly a desk just for you.

Features - UPLIFT Standing Desk with Solid Wood Top

  • Choose from over 10 different real-wood tops made using eco-friendly methods
  • Features 26" of simple push-button height adjustment, low-draw transformer that doesn't use a lot of electricity
  • Adjustable width telescoping base crossbar provides stability and allows you to fit the base to both your desktop and workspace
  • Electric desk frame features control box haul sensor that aligns the feet for speed
  • Crossbar positioned directly underneath the desktop to offer more legroom space and space for a keyboard tray with a short track
  • Includes your choice of keypad: the standard push and hold up/down keypad or the advanced 1-touch digital memory keypad, which features an LED readout of the current height and four programmable memory presets.*
  • Desk is assembled in Austin, Texas, and parts are sourced both globally and within the USA

UPLIFT Standing Desk with Solid Wood Top

Height range including desktop thickness Two leg: 25" - 51" H (add 0.75'' for C-frame)
Four leg: 25" - 50.5" H
Travel speed 1.5"/second (varies - slowest with maximum load) with soft start/stop actuator motors
Sound Level 45 decibels during motion
Weight capacity Two leg: 355 lbs
Four leg: 710 lbs (Weight capacity assumes that weight is distributed evenly between the desk legs)
Desktop weight Cedar: 4.4 lbs/sq ft
Mesquite: 8 lbs/sq ft
Alder: 4 lbs/sq ft
Ash: 7 lbs/sq ft
Cherry: 5.3 lbs/sq ft
Natural Maple: 8.1 lbs/sq ft
Walnut: 5.6 lbs/sq ft
Premium Bamboo: 6.1 lbs/sq ft
Pecan: 9.3 lbs/sq ft
White Oak: 7 lbs/sq ft
Sipo Mahogany: 6 lbs/sq ft
Desktop thickness Solid wood - 1.75'' thick
Bamboo - 1.5'' thick
Desktop width 36" - 80" W
Base width Adjustable from 26'' - 70'' W
Keypad Advanced 1-touch digital memory keypad* is available
Push and hold up/down keypad comes standard
Adjustable foot leveling studs 3/8" adjustment for uneven flooring
Voltage Input: 110 V
Output: 31 V
Transformer power 200 W (0.2 W on standby)
Power supply current 5 amps
BIFMA/ANSI X5.5-2008 Certified Yes - completely meets all requirements of BIFMA/ANSI X5.5-2008 Test Sections 4.3, 4.5, 5.2-5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 & 15.0.
Warranty 7-year all-inclusive warranty on the entire desk base, which includes the motor, frame, controller, keypad, electronics and mechanisms. Optional extended warranty available when selecting desk options

*Please note that the up, down and memory keys on the advanced 1-touch digital memory keypad operate as follows: The four memory keys allow the desk to move to one of four preset vertical positions with just one touch, meaning you do not have to hold down a numbered memory key to make an adjustment to a saved position. Please be sure there is adequate clearance above and below your desk, and check cord lengths to insure adequate length of all cords before adjusting the desk height using the memory keys. Or you can simply push and hold down one of the up/down keys until you reach your desired height, if you don't wish to use the preset memory keys.

Why is UPLIFT priced so low?
Many people ask us how we can afford to sell our high quality UPLIFT line of Height Adjustable Standing Desks and Accessories for such a low price. The answer is simple. With over 12 years experience in the standing desk industry, we have established industry-wide relationships with quality, cost-efficient component manufacturers. Our philosophy is to expand the standing desk to a wider audience by streamlining production - eliminating middle men - and building UPLIFT products in our plant. UPLIFT Desks are assembled in Austin, Texas, and parts are sourced both globally and locally. Enjoy our selection. We know you'll love UPLIFT products - we hope to see you back as a repeat customer!

Grammy award winner Ray Benson reviews UPLIFT Desk!

At 6' 7'' tall, nine-time Grammy award winner Ray Benson, from Asleep at the Wheel, has always had to adjust to worksurfaces that are the wrong height, but with the UPLIFT Desk, which will adjust to him, he's finally found the perfect fit. Watch the video to hear Ray talk about how much more comfortably he can work with a height adjustable desk.

If you enjoy the Asleep at the Wheel music you hear in the video, check out their latest album, Still the King: Celebrating the Music of Bob Wills, and download their single, "Tiger Rag," featuring Old Crow Medicine Show below!

Download a FREE song from the new album of nine-time GRAMMY award winners, Asleep at the Wheel!

SXSW Musician Zac Kellogg shares his UPLIFT Desk experience

A height adjustable desk can change the way you work, no matter what your profession. Local Austin musician and SXSW performer Zac Kellogg uses the UPLIFT Desk to work and write music. Watch the video to see why the UPLIFT height-adjustable desk makes the best workspace for this up-and-coming star.

Whatever type of work you do at your desk, a height adjustable desk will allow you to change positions throughout the day, maintain focus and improve productivity. Join the standing desk revolution today!

See how the Graveyard Carz production crew uses UPLIFT Desk

Executive producer and editor Aaron Smith explains how UPLIFT Desks and accessories make his team more comfortable and productive at the studio, where they create the internationally-known television show Graveyard Carz.

Aaron and his colleagues appreciate being able to adjust their desks to the exact height they need for a variety of tasks. Even his team members who prefer more sitting time are able to set the desk at a height that puts them and all their equipment in the perfect position for ergonomic health. The entire crew is happier and more energetic as a result of their new, customized workstations.

Actual Desktop Surface Area Usage

See what percentage of your desktop surface area actually falls within your Optimal Reach Zone.

Check out how much of your desk is within your optimal reach zone

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

A keyboard and mouse are a solid foundation to any ergonomic workstation. You can be sure that all of the keyboards and mice recommended herein have been tested by myself and staff of ergonomic experts. These items work well together, have a minimal learning curve, and are designed to reduce strain on muscles and tendons. For those who suffer from an RSI or fear they may be at risk for one, a quality ergonomic mouse and keyboard setup can be an immense help.

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Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Bundle for PC and Mac

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