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ESI Laptop Tray System w/ Swivel Mouse Platform

item#: ESI210

Our ESI Ergonomics laptop computer platform system mounts to your desk like a keyboard tray, but allows you to use your laptop computer at a height that is most comfortable for you. Choose from a number of articulating arm mechanisms that include options for L-shaped desks and sit to stand configurations. Use your ergonomic mouse with the integrated mousing platform that swivels for optimal positioning.

ESI has discontinued this item.
The Humanscale Tech Tray is a great replacement.

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Select an articulating arm mechanism for your keyboard platform system. Note all tracks can be custom cut shorter, but the keyboard will not fully stow under your work surface if your track is shorter than the mechanism depth requirements. Contact us for custom lengths. All models feature:

  • Release handle for independent tilt adjustment
  • Tilt range of +/- 15°
  • 360° pivot
  • Designs where platform can sit flush with the work surface with all arms except for the DAT and AA260

ESI Articulating Arm Features and Specifications

AA330 and AA360 Arms

ESI Ergo AA330/AA360 articulating arm
  • The standard arms are the AA330 and AA360: the AA330 offers a short 17.75" track and the AA360 offers a 21" glide track
  • Both arms have a 7" height adjustment range - 2.5" above to 4.5" below the track
ESI Ergo AA350 articulating arm

AA360 lift and lock articulating arm models offer additional features to help prevent wrist and arm injuries.

AA370 Arms

ESI Ergo AA370 sit/stand articulating arm

AA370 extended reach articulating arm models offer a much wider range of height adjustment which effectively converts your workstation to a sit/stand workstation where a worker can alternate between working while sitting or standing. This is proven to improve productivity and worker health. All models feature lift and lock height adjustment.

  • AA370 - is a standard articulating arm with extra height adjustment.
    • Height adjustment range is 16": 8 above to 8 below track
    • 24.75" track length
  • AA370DAT - offers dial-a-tilt adjustment for precision angling of keyboard platform.
    • Height adjustment range is 14.75": 6 above to 8.75 below track
    • 24.75" track length
    • Soft touch knob for precise tilt adjustment is included on this model
  • AA355DS - offers dual swivel points for maximum range of positioning.
    • Height adjustment range is 8.42": 3.42" above to 5.88" below track
    • 21.75" track length

AA260 Arm

ESI Ergo AA260 budget articulating arm

AA260 Spring action articulating arm is our most economical solution and uses a shallow track, making it suitable for shallower work surfaces. It features:

  • 17" glide track
  • Height adjustment range is 6.25: 1.25 above to 5 below track
  • Soft touch knob for simulataneous height and tilt adjustment
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The ESI Ergo Laptop tray system includes the PLLTSM laptop platform which is constructed of environmentally friendly materials that include a minimum of 90% post-consumer materials and it is 100% recyclable. Both the laptop platform and the integrated swivel mousing platform include gel-filled, leatherette covered, detachable palm rests. See the Options tab for the ESI articulating arm details and specifications.

Laptop Platform with Swivel Mouse PLLTSM Features

  • 18.75” L x 15” D
  • Available in custom sizes to fit any laptop computer
  • Includes swivel mousing platform with cord management clip and detachable palm rest

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ESI Laptop Tray System w/ Swivel Mouse Platform

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