Big Standard Keyboard Bamboo Tray System by UPLIFT Desk

Big Standard Keyboard Bamboo Tray System by UPLIFT Desk blends sustainability and style
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The Big Standard Keyboard Bamboo Tray System by UPLIFT Desk gives users a desk accessory that perfectly blends the best parts of eco-friendliness and ergonomics. Match your keyboard tray to your bamboo desk with this beautiful desk addition.

The keyboard tray/mouse platform combo works by way of an easy-to-use lift, release, and lock height adjustment mechanism. This gives you all the height you need to keep you comfortable while typing, up to 8 inches of height adjustments. The Quick-adjust Mechanism wheel tilt feature lets users fine-tune their level of tilt and comes with easy-to-view height and tilt indicators.

A wide bamboo platform provides plenty of space for both keyboard and mouse. The foam pad mousing area and sliding mouse catcher on the same surface can switch sides for easy ambidextrous mousing, making it ideal for shared workstations or users who like to navigate with both hands.

The whole tray is easily installed under your current desk with two included tracks; this one simple desk addition will give you much more room to work on your desktop.

Searching for a keyboard tray with a separate mouse platform? Try the Switch Keyboard Tray by UPLIFT Desk, which features a mousing platform that can be moved from the right side to the left side of the keyboard tray.

Still need help deciding which keyboard tray by UPLIFT Desk is best? Take a look at our Keyboard Tray Comparison Chart (PDF).


  • Tray is constructed out of beautiful and sustainable bamboo
  • Quick-adjust Mechanism gives users 8" of adjustment sans levers or knobs
  • Smooth wheel tilt adjustment allows for both negative and positive platform tilt with the Quick-adjust Mechanism
  • Seamless adjustments via easy-to-read height and tilt indicators
  • Standard 21" track allows for full retraction under desk, comes with an 11" track included for limited depth desks
  • Easy storage with 360 degrees of rear swivel
  • Large, 27" wide keyboard platform holds both keyboard and mouse
  • Comes with a removable foam palm support
  • American-made durable steel track, mechanism, and slim bamboo platform meet or exceed ANSI/ BIFMA standards
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desks


Big Standard Keyboard Bamboo Tray
Platform dimensions 27" W x 11.5" D x 0.38" H
Mousing surface dimensions 8.13" diameter
Platform Material Moso bamboo
Wrist rest material Self-skinning polyurethane foam (no latex)
Mouse pad material Polyurethane with Lycra cover
Weight limit 10 lb
Warranty 15 year
Shipping dimensions 27.5" W x 11.25" D x 1.75" H, 4.5 lb
Economy Mechanism
Adjustment mechanism Single knob sets both height & tilt of keyboard tray
Swivel at mechanism 360 degrees
Mechanism distance 2.25" end of track to rear of keyboard tray
Height adjustment 6" height adjustment, spring assistance
4.25" below underside of desktop w/o track spacer
1.75" above underside of desktop w/o track spacer
Tilt adjustment 15 degrees negative to 15 degrees positive
Track lengths 21" L (recommended)
11" L (for limited space
Certifications Meets BIFMA x 5.5-1998 Standards
Warranty 15 year
Shipping dimensions 22" W x 9" D 4.25" H, 8.35 lb
Quick-Adjust Mechanism
Height adjustment 8" total (3" above track to 5" below)
Tilt adjustment 20 degrees negative to 10 degrees positive
Track lengths 21" L (standard)
11" L (for limited space)
Swivel at mechanism 360 degree
Warranty 15 year
Shipping dimensions 25" W x 13" D 5" H, 8.55 lb


  1. How is bamboo eco-friendly?

    We love bamboo because it's super sustainable for the environment and one of the fastest regenerating wood materials on earth, growing up to 39 inches in a single day. We responsibly source our premium bamboo from around the world, curing it with a solvent-free finish that keeps your keyboard tray protected for years of work without bringing chemicals into your work area.

  2. Which keyboard tray is right for me, the Big Standard Bamboo, Big Standard, or the Switch?

    While some customers enjoy having a separate platform for their mouse pad like the Switch Keyboard Tray provides, we've found that most work just fine on the single surface provided by the Big Standard Keyboard Tray and Big Standard Bamboo Keyboard Tray. It comes down to your personal preference but if you like to match your woods or just want a beautiful keyboard tray with a single surface for typing and mousing, this is the desk addition you've been waiting for.

  3. I have limited depth under my desk. Will this still work?

    The Big Standard Bamboo Keyboard Tray by UPLIFT Desk comes standard with 11" and 21" tracks. If you only have space to install the 11" track but still want to store your keyboard tray under your desk, the tray can be rotated a full 360 degrees. Another great option is to add a track spacer to your setup.

  4. What's a track spacer? Do I need one?

    Using a track spacer allows you to fully stow your keyboard tray under your desk without it interfering with the desk's crossbar. Here is an informative video explaining the track spacer.

  5. Does this keyboard tray raise above my desktop?

    The Big Standard Bamboo Keyboard Tray by UPLIFT Desk will raise up to three inches above its track. If you have the track mounted directly under your desktop, it should raise just above the desktop's surface. Using a track spacer will drop your keyboard tray down about two inches, so it would probably only come to be level with your desktop, or just slightly below it.

  6. I installed my keyboard tray and I can't get the tray to lower. Is something wrong?

    Probably not! If you installed your tray and it isn't lowering, you may have forgotten to remove the shipping pin. For instructions on how to remove it, read step four of your installation guide. You will just need to lift up on the front of the tray and lower the back to relieve pressure from the shipping pin. The pin will then be easy to remove.

  7. What are the dimensions of the platform?

    The Big Standard Bamboo Keyboard Tray platform measures 27" wide by 11.5" deep by 0.25" thick.

  8. Is the keyboard tray compatible with a desk that has a lip on the front?

    As long as you have enough space to mount an 11" or 21" track and the front lip is not so thick as to set your keyboard tray too far back, then you should be able to install this keyboard tray without issues. As always, you can call and talk to our Sales Pros about the specifics of your desk to double-check that the keyboard tray will work for your configuration.

  9. How should I care for my keyboard tray?

    The Big Standard Bamboo Keyboard Tray can be easily cleaned with a wipe or spray disinfectant. That will keep your keyboard tray free of germs and looking great. Just be sure to not leave liquids sitting on the platform as this can damage the finish on the bamboo.

  10. Can I use this with other desks?

    Yes, this accessory is compatible with UPLIFT and non-UPLIFT desks.

  11. Does the wrist rest contain any latex?

    No, the wrist rests are 100% polyurethane with no latex rubber.




Track Spacer

The Track Spacer by UPLIFT Desk allows you to mount your keyboard tray track over the crossbars under your desk, giving you more flexibility in positioning accessories, especially on smaller desks. If your desk is only 24 inches deep, this will allow you to place the 22" track over the crossbars so you can stow the keyboard tray completely underneath the desk.

For more track spacer photos & details, download PDF

UPLIFT Track Spacer


Affordable and ergonomic—a single knob adjustment on the Economy Mechanism sets both height & tilt of keyboard tray.

The Quick-Adjust Mechanism sets your ideal position in motion much faster compared to the Economy Mechanism due to its sleek design

UPLIFT Track Spacer

UPLIFT Corner Sleeve

Add an UPLIFT Corner Sleeve to solve the issues of limited depth when trying to install a keyboard tray on the right angle of an L-shaped or corner desk. This low profile mount is available in two different models to attach to work surfaces 1" - 2.5" thick, and is compatible with all UPLIFT keyboard tray tracks.

UPLIFT Corner Sleeve

Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboard

Add a Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard - GTN-0033 at a discounted bundle price with this keyboard tray. This wired USB keyboard's split design promotes a more natural and ergonomic typing position.

Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard

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