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Goldtouch Keyboard and MouseTrapper Touchpad Mouse Bundle

item#: THS600

Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboards and the Mousetrapper Advance Mouse are some of our most recommended ergonomic keyboards and mice. Order this bundle and enjoy stress-free mousing and keying. The Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboard offers a split design with a built-in tenting feature for effortless adjustment and soft touch keys for low impact typing. The Mousetrapper Advance Mouse enables fingertip cursor movement. The products in this ergonomic bundle are designed to prevent strain and alleviate fatigue.

This bundle is no longer available.
The Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse is a great replacement.

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Our Price: $87.95
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List Price: $99.00
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Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wireless Medium
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Practice strain-free mousing and keying with the Goldtouch Keyboard and MouseTrapper Touchpad Mouse Bundle. This ergonomic bundle is a great option for people who spend significant amounts of time interfacing with a computer. We recommend these items to alleviate or prevent many kinds of pain. For people who have experienced this kind of discomfort, this ergonomic combo takes away the guesswork.

Features - MouseTrapper Advance Mouse

  • Enables total fingertip control of mouse and cursor
  • Reduces strain on hand, wrist and arm
  • Compatible with Windows SE, ME, 2000, Vista and 7; or Mac OSX
  • Plug and play with USB port

Features - Goldtouch V2 Keyboard

  • SmartFit Adjustability design enables effortless, customizable keyboard adjustment
  • Soft Touch keys for low impact typing
  • Volume control, email, search and media play hotkeys
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Linux, Unix, Mac OS
  • Plug and play with USB port

Features - Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

  • Pairs with any Bluetooth ready device
  • Completely wireless for maximum versatility
  • Extra soft key touch for comfortable keying and reduced fatigue
  • Compatible with PC and Mac with function keys that are clearly marked for each

Goldtouch Numeric Keypad

Please note that the Goldtouch Numeric Keypad is sold separately from the Goldtouch V2 Keyboard. This separate keypad allows users the flexibility to place it exactly where needed, whether that is to the right or left of the keyboard or on a separate moveable platform.

Want to use the Mousetrapper Advance Mouse on a keyboard tray with the Goldtouch V2 Keyboard? We recommend the Humanscale 400 Diagonal Big Keyboard Tray without a palm support, which offers more than enough space to accommodate both pieces of equipment.

Video Review - Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard

Check out our video review of the Goldtouch v2 Adjustable Keyboard below.

Video Review - MouseTrapper Advance Mouse

Take a look at the MouseTrapper Advance Mouse in action!

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

This bundle is designed to cut down on wrist strain; it's our "wrist lover's special". Choose the Goldtouch V2 Keyboard or the Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for a portable, wireless option. Both are easy to use, highly intuitive ergonomic keyboards. The idea behind the split keyboard design is to allow you to separate the halves so your wrists are kept at a natural angle. The Mousetrapper Advance Mouse allows you to move your cursor without having no gripping. It's two great products in one package -- give this ergonomic mouse and keyboard bundle a try.

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Goldtouch Keyboard and MouseTrapper Touchpad Mouse Bundle

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