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Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray - Standard Configuration

item#: HUS063

The Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray is the perfect keyboard tray solution for users with a natural-shaped keyboard such as the Microsoft Natural or Adesso Tru-Form Pro Ergonomic Keyboards, and need the curved front and deeper tray. The Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray is superior to a simple curved platform because its shape accommodates a straight or split keyboard, making this the universal choice for greater flexibility when you change keyboards. We've paired this versatile platform with our most popular options. If you need a more customized solution, check out the Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray - Design Your Own listing. Humanscale keyboard trays are Manufactured in the USA.

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Three popular Humanscale mechanisms are available.

The 5G and 6G mechanisms are Humanscale's newest keyboard tray mechanisms and are built for maximum stability durability. They feature:

  • Easy, knob-free height adjustment with a range of 5" below the work surface to 1 1/4" above the work surface
  • 360° swivel
  • Dial-a-tilt platform allows you to set a negative tilt from 0° to -15° , accommodating the negative tilt highly recommended by most ergonomists for safe keyboarding
  • Platform stows completely underneath the work surface with the standard 22" track
  • The 6G is the newest mechanism that is slimmer and uses less material for production than the 5G

6G Specifications

Height adjustment 7": 1.75" above track to 5.25" below track
Track length Comes standard with 22" track
Humanscale 6G Keyboard Tray Mechanism

5G Specifications

Height adjustment 6.25": 1.25" above track to 5" below track
Track length Comes standard with 22" track
Humanscale 5G Keyboard Tray Mechanism

The 2G mechanism offers the same range of adjustment but doesn't include the dial-a-tilt feature. It tilts by way of loosening the knob, raising or lowering the platform into place and then tightening the knob again to lock it. It also does not list the degree of tilt the platform is adjusted to for reference. This is a great choice if you're seeking to save some money without sacrificing quality or function.

2G Specifications

Height adjustment 6.25": 1.25" above track to 5" below track
Track length Comes standard with 22" track

Humanscale AD Keyboard Tray Mechanism

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Mouse Platform

humanscale clip mouse mousing platform

Choose between either the 8 1/2" high clip mouse or the 10" diameter high clip mouse. The clip mouse is their most popular mousing platform since it is the most versatile, allowing you to slide the platform forward or back, swivel it over your keyboard/numeric pad, adjust the tilt or switch from the right to left side of the keyboard platform without the need for tools.

Allowing the mousing platform to swivel over the numeric pad area on your keyboard allows you to move your mouse closer to your body and into the neutral zone which is healthiest for mousing and reducing the stress on your shoulders. Most users will be happy with the 8 1/2" diameter mouse platform, however a 10" diameter is available for those who need a larger surface.

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Notebook and Tablet Stand

The UPLIFT Notebook and Tablet Stand will come in handy not only when you're traveling, but anytime you want to set your laptop or tablet in an ergonomic position. Choose from seven different height settings to keep your screen at eye-level, which helps you avoid problems like eye strain and neck and back pain. This item also works well as a document holder, allowing you to input data without having to move your neck repeatedly from document to screen. The stand is lightweight, easily portable, and best of all, it's free!

UPLIFT Travel Notebook and Table Stand

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The Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray design ensures that users will type and mouse within a neutral reach zone, creating a safe, comfortable and sustainable work environment. The neutral zone in a standard office workspace is defined as the area where a user sits and works at a desk and can easily reach and interact with surrounding computer accessories, including a keyboard and mouse. Unlike older generation keyboard and mouse solutions, Humanscale keyboard trays are designed to ensure that nearly all users are able to work consistently within their Neutral Reach Zone, and thus maintain a low-risk posture.

Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray Features

  • Humanscale keyboard trays are easily configured to meet specific needs and are the highest quality on the market
  • 100 combo keyboard platform is made of phenolic: it's an ultra-strong, remarkably thin (1/4") composite that's non-toxic, durable and easy to clean
  • The Humanscale Combo 100 keyboard tray platform design supports natural or wave ergonomic keyboards, works with any of the mouse platform options and will fit most desks using the variety of tracks lengths available; see the Options tab for more details

Technical Specifications

Mechanisms 3 adjustable arms available
Track length 22"
Mousing surface 2 clip-on options
100 platform dimensions 20.5" W x 10.48" D
13.24" D at deepest point
Warranty 15 year warranty

Neutral Reach Zone Description

''The neutral reach zone is the area that can be conveniently reached with a sweep of the forearm while the upper arm hangs in a natural position at the side.'' (Sanders & McCormick, 1993)


Video Review - Humanscale Keyboard Tray Systems

Check out our video review of the Humanscale Keyboard Tray Systems below.

The Human Solution is an authorized Humanscale dealer

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

A keyboard tray is a key component of an ergonomic workstation. Position your keyboard tray so you can type and mouse while keeping your wrists straight. The ideal height for the keyboard is at elbow height or lower. Typically you should locate the keyboard tray just above your lap height. Your upper arms should hang comfortably at your sides as you work. The keyboard tray should be gently sloped or tilted away from the user to allow the wrists to be straight instead of flexed. When properly adjusted, a keyboard tray allows the back, neck, shoulders, and wrists to relax. The size of the keyboard tray must accommodate the keyboard and any input device like a mouse. Avoid having your keyboard on a tray and your mouse on the desk.

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Customer Reviews

Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray - Standard Configuration
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
5 Stars

Love this keyboard tray
October 10, 2013
This keyboard tray is easy to adjust even with my arthritis. It raises and lowers quickly, no fumbling with hard to turn knobs. Love the mouse pad mounted to the side that will raise up and swing over the keyboard when I need it to.

5 Stars

Keyboard Tray System
August 14, 2013
Making the switch to this keyboard tray system was one of the best decisions. I work on my computer 90% of the workweek and experienced back and neck pain from having the wrong set up. I'm happy to report there is no more of that!

5 Stars

The Way A Keyboard Was Meant to Work!
April 23, 2010
Now this is the way an office keyboard was meant to work! My Humanscale 100 Combo board arrived in good condition. Set was relatively easy. (However, I would recommend they include a paper template on future models to more easily mark holes for drilling/mounting.) The key to this system is all the angles and adjustments that can be made, so that hands glide effortlessly across the keyboard. No more stress and strain on those wrists! Nice system.

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