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Matias Dvorak Keyboard (FK107)

item#: MAT001

The Matias Dvorak Keyboard (FK107) works to decrease repetitive strain injuries in several ways. Because 70% of the characters we use the most are purposefully arranged in the center, your fingers will move less. Traditional QWERTY keyboards only position 32% in the home row. You'll also type more comfortably and quickly on its high-quality dome switches. Users with RSI report that this tactile feel of the Matias Dvorak Keyboard (FK107) combined with the ergonomic Dvorak keyboard layout reduces fatigue over time, and their pain disappears.

This item has been discontinued.
The Kinesis Advantage Contoured USB Keyboard with Dual QWERTY/DVORAK Legend for PC and MAC is a great replacement.

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The Matias Dvorak Keyboard (FK107) frees you to toggle between Dvorak and QWERTY layouts with the flip of a switch, making it just as easy for new users as old pros. There's no software needed, and no extra labels to awkwardly position on top of your keyboard. Both layouts are printed clearly on the keys.

The keyboard also offers a convenient 2-port USB hub and compatibility with PCs and Macs.

Features - Matias Dvorak Keyboard (FK107)

  • Sleek, smart design features a layout key for you to quickly select and switch between Dvorak and the standard QWERTY layouts
  • Quiet, responsive keys have enough resistance to support your hands
  • Hardwired Dvorak layout means the keyboard is software-free and useful right out of the box
  • Dvorak features 70% of the most commonly used keys in the home row to decrease the movement of your hands
  • It's used by the brilliant and famous: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen use the Matias Dvorak

Matias Dvorak Keyboard (FK107) Specifications

Dimensions 18.7''L x 6.8''W x 1.4''D
Cable length 5'
Weight 1.65 lbs
System Requirements Computer with USB port, plus: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Linux, and Mac OS X or OS 9
Warranty Limited 1 year

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

The Matias Dvorak Keyboard (FK107) is literally one of the fastest keyboards in the world! Barbara Blackburn was fast as lightening, typing 150-170 words per minute on a Dvorak keyboard and setting the world record. It also made waves in the world of competitive typing, where officials tried to have it banned for as an unfair advantage!

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Matias Dvorak Keyboard FK107

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