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Mouse Accessories

Having a quality mousing environment is every bit as important as having a mouse that allows you to work comfortably. These ergonomic mouse accessories, combined with the right mouse, can greatly improve your comfort and productivity.


Humanscale Mouse Pads

Goldtouch Low Stress Mouse Pad (Mousing Platform) Blue GT6-0003 & Black GT6-0017

GoldTouch Gel Filled Palm Support Set

Dexterity Chair-Mounted Mouse Platform

Ergo Keyboard Mat

Mobo Ergonomic Workstation - Chair Mounted Keyboard Tray

Nib & McNib (Gestures) Quill Click-less Software

Quill-Well Extra Large Mouse Mat

Source1 Flat Mouse Bridge FMB

Source1 Mouse Caddy MC-3

Humanscale Mouse Mate MM10

For anyone who spends extensive periods of time at their desk, the risk of pain from unnatural arm extension and carpal tunnel syndrome due to constant mouse use is a serious issue. Luckily, there are a number of mouse accessories such as wrist pads, ergonomic mouse pads, and chair arm-mounted work platforms that can help minimize stress while at your computer.