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Reviews for the Ergohuman Chair

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Ergohuman Chair Review

By Jon Paulsen – Certified Professional Ergonomist, MS Engineering Degree

There are many ergonomic chairs available but it can be a mistake to purchase one simply because it is labeled ergonomic. I’m usually weary of chairs that include reference to ergonomics in their name. Many companies are labeling products “ergonomic” with little credibility or true ergonomic considerations. That said… the Ergohuman chair passes my “ergonomic” test. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of people and is easily adjustable. To be ergonomic for a particular person, a chair must accommodate the person’s anthropometry (body dimensions), their workstation setup, and the job or recreational tasks that are performed.

For many of my clients, the Ergohuman chair is one of the most comfortable mid-priced chairs on the market and it fits them properly. The number of adjustment controls makes the Ergohuman chair appealing. It has all the required basic ergonomic adjustments and also has some high-end features. The seat depth adjustment mechanism – used to adjust the location of the seat behind the knee - is a high-end chair feature for this mid-priced chair. The seat slide and height adjustment will help insure your legs are fully supported while preventing pressure behind your knees that can cause poor blood circulation and popliteal sciatic nerve impingement. The breathable mesh fabric will keep you cool if leather chairs tend to make you hot. The leather version has all of the same adjustability of the mesh version but with a foam seat cushion instead of the mesh seat. The mesh seat is thinner and will thus adjust lower than the foam seat.

One thing to watch is the lowered height of the chair. The mesh chair only lowers to a seat height of 17 inches. Thus, people under 5’5” may need to use a footrest to insure their feet are supported. The chair has a five point stable base with very nice wheels and the armrests are large and well padded to prevent mechanical stress on the ulnar nerve in the forearm (an increasingly common problem that causes tingling in the pinky finger).

The Ergohuman chair competes well with high end chairs (compare to Herman Miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap Chair). The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers all but normal fabric wear and tear. A broken chair is never very ergonomic so purchasing a well made chair that has good warranty support is obviously important. The manufacturer has been very responsive to two of my clients that had issues. I’m sitting in my Ergohuman mesh with headrest chair (ME7ERG) as I write this review.

Jon Paulsen is an ergonomist and mechanical engineer. He has worked in Fortune 500 companies as an ergonomics consultant for over 10 years.

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