100% Recycled, Powder Coated, UV-Cured Tops are Here!

100% Recycled, Powder Coated, UV-Cured Tops are Here!

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 26th 2016

We're excited to announce the arrival of a brand-new top style that takes your UPLIFT Desk to the next level, and continues our tradition of providing more configuration options than you'll find anywhere else, ever. What's so special about these new tops? Well, lots!

  • The surface features a powder coating in either black or white. Powder coating is a technique that uses a cured dry powder, resulting in a smooth finish that's much stronger than conventional paint
  • They're super eco-friendly: materials are totally solvent-free with no VOCs, tops are UV-cured (an EPA best-available-technology), and the MDF interior is made of 100% recycled wood
  • Tops are highly scratch-resistant, ensuring a long and beautiful life
  • There are no seams at all anywhere on the desktop
  • You can choose from a standard rectangular shape or a center-cut with sloping ergo comfort edge, available in a variety of sizes
  • Arrives with metal inserts and machine screws for simple, drill-free assembly
  • Starting price is the same as our standard laminate desks
  • Like all our desks, they ship free

When shopping on our two-leg listing, just select "UV-cured recycled wood" from the Desktop Type option. You can also see our three-leg listing for a large L-shaped UV-cured worksurface.

We love the sleek look of these new tops combined with our exclusive C-frame, which features cast aluminum feet for a more stable desk than the other guys. In fact, if you compare us to the competition in quality, stability, price, lead time, customer service, and configuration options, you'll see that no one comes close to UPLIFT. It's our mission to provide the best product at the best price, to keep as many people as possible healthy at work. We don't want to toot our own horn too much, but let's be real, it's pretty tootable.

Give us a call if you have questions about these new tops, or any of our desk combos. We are here to help!

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