3 (Legs) is Not a Crowd: Introducing the UPLIFT Plus!

3 (Legs) is Not a Crowd: Introducing the UPLIFT Plus!

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 7th 2014

The UPLIFT Plus marries style with stability to create a fabulous executive desk. An impressive formal desk does not have to be L-Shaped, and it's easier to utilize as much of the space as possible on a desktop by using a long rectangular desktop, rather than a curved L-shape configuration (If you're curious about that particular question, you might check out this related post on that issue). We suggest the UPLIFT Plus Desk for two particular types of customer: those looking for a significantly longer desk, or anyone who needs the sturdiest possible standing desk that will eliminate the "wobble" effect we generally see with very large height adjustable desks.

As far as size goes, the UPLIFT Plus offers the option of an incredibly spacious desktop, with option of going up to 96 inches of width. In my opinion, the most impressive configuration is opting for the 96 inch bamboo top with the white base. We have this on display in our location in Austin, and it balances dramatic size with chic aesthetics. The bamboo and white base go well together and help create a contemporary, earthy atmosphere. When you raise and lower the desk, the expanse moves smoothly and quietly. It's quite an impressive sight!

For stability purposes, integrating a third leg into a rectangular desk is a great option for a variety of offices. This configuration allows a weight capacity of 530 lbs, which opens up many possibilities for custom tops. It also means it can easily carry a long, heavy desktop and/or significant equipment. We also have a number of people concerned about desk stability, and look for the least wobble-prone desk possible. The UPLIFT Plus accomplishes this feat by virtue of its three legs.

If you have questions about how you might integrate the UPLIFT Plus into your office, please know we are here to help!

For the highest quality standing desks that will be sure to stand out if your office, check us out at TheHumanSolution.com!

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