A Quick Primer on Our Half-Circle Drawer

A Quick Primer on Our Half-Circle Drawer

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 2nd 2016

One customer question that's come up a lot is, "Since there are no drawers in the desk, where do I put my stuff?" For larger items like files, we have the UPLIFT Two-Drawer Mobile Pedestal in a color to match your desktop, but if you're missing the small accessories drawer often found in the middle of a traditional desk, our Half Circle Drawer is the solution.

With several small compartments and an integrated tape dispenser, you'll have space for all of your smaller items like pens, paper clips, and notepads, allowing you to keep your desk space clear and your most-used items within easy reach. The drawer swivels open and closed and is totally hidden when not in use. Check out the video above to see the drawer in action.

One thing to keep in mind if you're ordering a desk with a center cut-out is that the half circle drawer will not be completely hidden when turned inside; it will stick out a bit beyond the center cut-out.

Both the pedestal and the half circle drawer, along with all our other UPLIFT accessories, are available at a discount when sold with a full desk. Let us know what questions you have about the accessories that would work best for your needs, so we can help you plan your perfect workstation!

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