Easy Storage Solutions for Your UPLIFT 900

Easy Storage Solutions for Your UPLIFT 900

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 11th 2014

You'll love the freedom you get from your new UPLIFT 900 height-adjustable desk. Being able to switch positions regularly throughout the workday will result in more focus, higher energy levels, reduced pain, increased calorie burn, and an improvement in overall health. Because height-adjustable desks don't have drawers, though, where are you going to store your documents and supplies? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

If you order an UPLIFT 900 with one of our standard mahogany, cherry, black, or maple tops, you can add a two-drawer mobile pedestal in matching laminate. This pedestal has casters for easy movement, as well as a lock for security. It's the perfect size for storing under or next to your desk, and has plenty of room for your files, documents, and office supplies. Even better, it's offered at a significant savings when ordered with a desk.

If you prefer a more traditional drawer, your desk can be ordered with the UPLIFT Large Sliding Drawer, which mounts to the underside of your desktop. It features a deep end for files and a shallow end for supplies, and is lockable. Keep in mind that this drawer works best with larger desktops, since you will have to mount it at least 23" in from either side in order to clear the desk frame brackets. The drawer is a good choice for desks like the UPLIFT Plus. If you have a smaller desktop or need only a small space to store some accessories like pens, post-its, and paper clips, you can add the UPLIFT Half Circle Desk Drawer, which is small enough to work with nearly any desktop.

You may find that you also want to clear off some desktop space to keep your work surface organized and easily accessible. In this case, adding an UPLIFT Large Keyboard Tray, CPU holder, and monitor arm is the way to go. Your keyboard will be easy to reach for comfortable typing, your CPU will travel up and down with your desk, and your monitor will be at proper eye level at all times. All of these accessories are automatically discounted with the purchase of a desk.

Whether you want just the desk or a fully-loaded workstation, we have everything you need at great prices. Give us a call and let us help you configure the perfect desk for you!

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