A Review from 9to5

A Review from 9to5

Posted by Tyler R on Aug 24th 2016

As a company fully dedicated to supporting the sit-stand revolution, it comes as no surprise that we sell a lot of height-adjustable standing desks including our very own UPLIFT Desk. Not to toot our own horn but the UPLIFT is currently one of the top desks on the market and it gets a lot of love from our customers. It gets a lot of love from reviewers too, just like this one from 9to5Mac.

If you’re into technology and love getting all of the latest technology related news, 9to5Mac is one of the top tech news sources out there covering everything from breaking industry updates to new product reviews. So of course we were thrilled when they agreed to review our UPLIFT Desk.

It turns out that they had a lot of nice things to say ranging from the simplicity of the assembly to the superior quality of the desk itself. There’s a lot of good insight to be gleaned from their UPLIFT experience. It’s a great read and definitely worth your time if you’re in the market for a new height-adjustable sit-stand solution.

Currently the UPLIFT Desk starts at $499.00 on our site and you can select from a wide array of desktop sizes, colors, and materials. You can even get a whole host of accessories like the UPLIFT Monitor Arm or the UPLIFT Standing Mat. The UPLIFT Desk is a fantastic way to combat a sedentary life style and improve your health by adding a little movement to your day. Just adjust it to standing height when you need to get your blood flowing and switch it to sitting height when you need to take a load off. In the words of this latest review from 9to5Mac, “Having the ability to sit and stand for parts of the day is the best of both worlds. It’s even better when you have a desk with the desktop build quality of UPLIFT.” And on that note, we here at Human Solution are here if you need us, be it a desk quote or even just general questions. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-531-3746.

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