Add an Anti-Fatigue Mat to Your Adjustable Height Desk

Add an Anti-Fatigue Mat to Your Adjustable Height Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 3rd 2014

One of the most common questions I get from customers who are thinking about upgrading to an adjustable-height desk is "Won't I get tired from doing that much standing?" This is certainly a common concern for people who are thinking of upgrading to a sit-stand desk like the UPLIFT 900. Of course, standing literally all day presents its own health risks and it isn't necessarily recommended, but with the memory keypad that lets you save different heights and the quick, quiet motor, it couldn't be easier to move from standing to sitting. However, if you want to stand for long periods of time, an anti-fatigue mat would be a great addition to your ergonomic workstation.

If you've ever seen the floor of a kitchen or the area behind the register at a grocery store, you may be able to picture what I'm talking about. For people who stand a lot while working, an anti-fatigue mat is the key to a healthy day, free of pain in the feet and legs. However, most anti-fatigue mats are made for large workplaces and there are so many choices, it can be difficult to find a good fit for an office workstation. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution: the UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat.

The UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat gives you all the advantages of an anti-fatigue mat, but it is designed specifically for use with an adjustable-height sit-stand desk. The mat features an inch-thick layer of double-sponge anti-fatigue padding, making for a comfortable mat that you can stand on for extended periods of time without feeling it in your legs and feet. Its also extremely durable, with a puncture-proof surface that can stand up to everything from high heel shoes to chair casters without sustaining any damage. These mats ship out quickly, usually the same business day that you order them, and come backed with a five-year warranty in the unlikely event of any sort of issue with your mat.

So now that you've decided to get a desk mat, there's still one very important choice left to make: the size. The UPLIFT Anti-Fatigue Mat comes in two different sizes. The smaller one is 2 feet by 3 feet, creating a perfectly sized space for you to stand on while you work. The mat is lightweight, making it easy to move out of the way when you're ready to sit back down. If that sounds like too much hassle, then perhaps the 3 foot by 5 foot mat would be a better option. That desk mat is large enough to fit a chair on top and strong enough that it won't puncture or break from the added pressure. While the soft sponge won't let you roll the chair across the surface like a traditional chair mat, the foam is perfect for keeping your feet feel comfortable and rested whether you're sitting or standing.

Just because you're making the commitment to stand more doesn't mean you should have deal with achy feet and tired legs. If anything, those aches and pains will get in the way of making the most of your new adjustable-height desk. Stand more and stand comfortably with the UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat.

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