Better in Leather

Better in Leather

Posted by Troy A on Apr 16th 2015

You’ve done your digging. You’ve put in hours of research, and made all the necessary phone calls. The moment is finally here; you’re about to purchase the perfect office chair from Human Solution. Yet, something feels off. The fabric you’ve selected doesn’t quite bring the room together, and you’re worried it won’t be comfortable enough over time. Fear not, hypothetical shopper, we have just the right solution for you and your swanky chair desires. One word, two syllables: LEATHER.

I'm not doubting your due diligence, but some people tend to overlook that some of our more popular chairs also come with a leather option. Each one offers different advantages to the standard fabric that may already come on the chair. While the decision may ultimately come down to personal preference, it’s good to go into these situations prepared.

Take the Ergohuman Chair for example. The mesh back and seat option is most common, but for those who don’t want the texture of a mesh seat, you can get the seat and back in leather, which provides more padding and is smoother to the touch. There is also the Humanscale Freedom Chair, which offers various color and stitching options for your new leather chair. For those with a little less space, or a more specific need, even some of our active seats and stools like the Swopper Chair come with a leather option.

So before you click “checkout," make sure your chair is everything you want it to be. You’ve come this far; you don’t want to short-change your experience. Double check and be sure your dream chair doesn’t have a leather option. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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