Introducing the New Steelcase Think Chair!

Introducing the New Steelcase Think Chair!

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 10th 2014

Think you know all about the Steelcase Think chair? Think again!

The new Steelcase Think brings updated style and a number of all-new features to the classic ergonomic chair. Originally designed to meet the evolving needs of the "mobile workplace" in 2004, the new Think chair has been redesigned to utilize new ergonomic technologies as well as new frame that lets it do more than ever to support you throughout the workday, while still maintaining the ease of use and environmentally-friendly design that has served offices so well for the last decade.

At the heart of the new Steelcase Think is the completely redesigned flexor system. While the original Steelcase Think utilized a number of individual metal flexors throughout the back and seat, the new Think chair features 15 polymer flexors in the back of the chair, each of which is uniquely shaped and linked together. This integral LiveBack system helps the back dynamically track the natural shape of your spine as you move, ensuring consistent and comfortable support throughout the day while the adjustable dual-energy lumbar uses embedded spring energy to support your lower back. The seat cushion has also seen a significant overhaul - whereas older Think models layered plush foam over a flexor system similar to that found on the chair back, the new Think features a thick seat cushion that incorporates adaptive bolstering technology to provide a custom fit. Cored pockets in the seat foam of the chair provide varied levels of compression, molding the seat cushion around your legs to create a customized "comfort pocket" every time you sit down, and flexes towards the front edge to minimize pressure on the legs.

The new Think also retains its popular seat recline mechanism, providing a convenient comfort dial with four settings to help you find the perfect amount of recline resistance while the chair automatically maintains an optimized tilt ratio for the seat and back. The adjustable mechanism can be set to allow for weight-activated recline, weight-activated with 20% boost recline, mid-stop recline, or full upright back lock all with a single twist. An under-seat depth adjustment lever also lets you slide the seat forwards and backwards to adjust to your unique leg length. The Think's highly-adjustable 4-way arms also make a return, providing dynamic support for your wrists and forearms that can be adjusted vertically, horizontally, and pivoted inwards with ease.

As with all Steelcase chairs, the new Think Chair still sports a modern, streamlined look, making it a handsome addition to any office. The back and seat can be upholstered in a number of different fabrics and leathers, available in a wide variety of colors ranging from traditional browns and grays to vibrant blues and hot pink. For users looking for a more breathable seat, a 3D knit mesh back version is also available in matching colors, allowing for better airflow without sacrificing softness.

If you find yourself constantly shifting around in your chair while at work, or playing with your seat trying to find a comfortable setting, it might be time to let the chair do the adjustment work for a change. With the new Steelcase Think, you'll find a chair with adjustments so simple and intuitive, you'll swear it's doing the thinking for you.

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