Bigger Isn't Always Better: E3 Compact Stand Up Desk Converter

Bigger Isn't Always Better: E3 Compact Stand Up Desk Converter

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Jan 17th 2018

The magnificent wave of new and innovative standing desk converters hasn’t ended just yet. By now many people who are looking to upgrade to a sit to stand solution for their workspace have probably come across the idea of a desk converter. Rather than replacing your entire desk setup, you can simply “install” a converter on top of your existing setup and voila, you have the ability to change positions from sitting to standing throughout the day. I use the term “install” loosely of course because most standing desk converters don’t require much if any installation. Aside from a few that mount with a clamp for extra stability, most of them come out of the box ready to use. You need only set them on your desktop surface. So what new addition is being added to this family of ergonomic goodness? The E3 Compact Stand Up Desk Converter by UPLIFT Desk says, “Hello!”

So what features does this little guy bring to the table? Well, when I say "little guy" I’m not being entirely figurative. The E3 Stand Up Desk Converter is made to fit on compact workspaces. In fact, it only needs a surface of about 28” wide by 14” deep to sit comfortably. It’s great for smaller desk areas or, if you’re trying to maximize as much space as possible on your work surface its smaller footprint makes it the perfect solution! There are a few specifications to note, however. The converter has a weight capacity of 11 lbs and a worksurface that measures 26.8” W x 13.4” D which is great for most modern laptops. The maximum height you can get using the E3 is about 16.5” which should accommodate the average user and finally, you have a choice of either the E3 in white or the E3 in black for easy matching with your décor. As for functionality, the E3 works like any other pneumatic converter. No electricity is required. Just set it on top of your desk, press the release switch when you want to adjust positions and either lift or lower the platform to the desired height. The internal gas cylinder will assist.

The saying may be “Go big or go home” but sometimes the answer is actually downsizing. If you would like more tips or other suggestions on how to improve your workspace, our dedicated team of reps is on standby at 800.531.3746 to help out!

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